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  • Escape Practice
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  • Detective Felicia
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    Most Recent Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs Videos! more
     Jennifer Hogcuffed Bts
    12 minutes

      Jennifer Hogcuffed Bts - Jennifer cuffed herself, best she could, while blindfolded & harness-gagged. We had to add the thumbcuffs, toe cuffs & chain later. 
We also ended up tightening her wrist cuffs later because one looked a little loose. 
This is footage of that kind of stuff & some of her just laying there bound, waiting for more metal bondage to be added.  Jennifer Hogcuffed
    27 minutes

      Jennifer Hogcuffed - A customer challenged Jennifer to endure 20 minutes in a hog cuff, & not just a hog cuff, but thumbs & toes cuffed as well. A head harness ballgag, with blindfold, was just added for fun. The chain goes from her locked ankle cuffs to her locked metal collar.
Turns out he knew what he was doing - 20 minutes is about all a model can stand like this! lol Jennifer says 20 is more than she could stand, but she couldn't do anything about it.
Footage from all cameras is included, not just one.
We tickled her at the end, too, why not - she certainly wasn't going anywhere & couldn't say much about it either.
1280x720 at about 4 mbps
One slight negative - the inflatable mattress made a "wrinkle" sound sometimes as Jennifer squirmed around. Probably won't notice it & we probably shouldn't even have mentioned it, actually.
     Heidi Lingerie Self Cuff Hogchain Complete Version
    39 minutes

      Heidi Lingerie Self Cuff Hogchain Complete Version - This is the same as the prior one, Heidi Lingerie Self Hog-Cuff, but is the "Complete" version, with additional footage, other cameras, outtakes, etc.  Heidi Lingerie Self Cuff Hogchain
    18 minutes

      Heidi Lingerie Self Cuff Hogchain - Heidi gets another test on her first ever bondage shoot. Her mouth is still stuffed with the padded ball & strapped in with electrical tape, covered with the tight latex muzzle, all of which she did herself (shown in the prior clip, the Chained Camel).

Still also in the lingerie & true 5" stiletto heels, with leg irons, she gets on the nice couch & cuffs herself behind her back, attaching the cuffs to her leg iron chain - a perfect, solid, inescapable, hog cuff. Voila!

She struggles as much as she can, rolls off on to the floor, kneeling, & can't get back on the couch! But somehow by rolling over she figures it out, but then in the struggle, one cuff slips off her wrist!

Slipping lose is the disadvantage to models cuffing themselves! lol but she's new, & she just learned that if she doesn't cuff herself snugly enough, she gets re-cuffed, even tighter!

The first set were hinged cuffs. Those are replaced with standard police-issue chained hand cuffs. She hog-cuffs herself again, now with these, so she can wriggle more (the hinged ones prevent a lot of wriggle) but since these are snugger, she's not getting lose.

Flexible fit Heidi does find a way to eventually get her hands around her butt, in front, still cuffed & still attached to her leg irons. She's rewarded for that effort by a break after a day of bondage shooting. A break in chains, but a break. She did actually lay there awhile, maybe even dozed off a bit. Sad to **** her up when she needed a break, eh?

This includes an interview at the end & it shows her finally being able to remove her mouth stuffing, which she agrees is the greatest gag ever! lol

Heidi's Onlyfans is at /heidiej
     Heidi Chained Yoga Camel
    27 minutes

      Heidi Chained Yoga Camel - Her next test...This is actually a legit yoga position - the camel. But Heidi did it in sky-high spiked true 5" stilletos / stilettos heels, lingerie, & chained over! Outside!!

She walks out to the patio, which is visible by two neighbors. She thinks they're gone to work that day. And maybe so. 

A nice stretch first outside, in the heels & lingerie. Then she stuffs her mouth with our cutesy padded ball & straps it in with electrical tape. Then she stretches the black latex muzzle gag over that (all of this shown on screen). Her mouth is ****** open, her tongue down, & the stuffing is not going anywhere.

She attaches the leg irons around the post, then bends over & cuffs her own wrists down to it. And waits. All of a sudden, even the most fit model, starts feeling some burn. She tries some knee bends, some wiggling back & forth, anything to lessen the increasing pain.

Fortunately, Rigger had an idea to take her mind off the predicament - a flogger! Some bottom swatting & caressing.

Then the motorized tickle brush, inside the tender leg thighs & under the boobs.

OK, successful test - this is another keeper for a longer one next time!

Heidi is on Onlyfans at /heidiej  Heidi Yoga Bondage Test Extra
    54 minutes

      Heidi Yoga Bondage Test  Extra - This is the extra footage, & even more behind the scenes stuff. Heidi is made to hop while chained, in this clip. It's brief because it was a test, but that's in there, & outtakes, gag talking, etc.

The still photos aren't necessarily from this clip, they're from the entire thing, clips 1 & this one. We just had room for 6 stills, so we put the others on this one. Sorry for any confusion.

Both Test 1 & this BTS contain footage from 2 or 3 cameras, live sound, & rendered at about 4 kbps at full 1920x1080

Heidi's Onlyfans: onlyfans****/heidiej

    Random Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs Clips more
     Investigator Lucy Captured Lucy Purr Kobe Lee Star In This Cu
    29 minutes
      Investigator Lucy Captured  Lucy Purr  Kobe Lee Star In This Cu - Investigator Lucy Captured

Lucy Purr & Kobe Lee star in this custom video we enjoyed doing. Lucky customer got the HD MP4 full version; this is the reduced version, & in WMV format.

Investigator Lucy is shown in her agent blouse, pantyhose & skirt, sneaking in to the suspect's home & is caught & made to strip down to her panties, piece by reluctant piece, by determined Kobe. Once Kobe's satisfied that Lucy is carrying nothing (or is suitably **********, rather), Kobe's handy henchman is directed to tie her up with twine. Tight.

When Lucy complains, henchman unties her. Then ties her again even tighter! Holding her in a painful strappado as a pause to show her off, he then proceeds deliberately.

Lucy's ankles, knees, wrists & elbows are bound tightly with twine. She can just barely squirm through it painfully as Kobe continues to taunt her. Lucy is then cleave-gagged.

Kobe & Henchperson leave to let Lucy contemplate her fate. She is able to slump out of the chair, helplessly flailing on the floor, & then scoot & hop around, topless, desperately trying to find something she can use to cut that $%^& twine rope cutting in to her skin.

You can hear Lucy's frantic thoughts, as well, occasionally breaking in on top of her live, & quite authentic, painful mmmpphs & groans.

720x480 widescreen, wmv, live sound  Felicia Introduces Us 1
    44 minutes
      Felicia Introduces Us 1 - Here I am, Felicia, arched backwards in my custom-made leather strap outfit, hands cuffed behind, pulling me down backwards, to increasing strain, especially in my 6" sandle-strap true stiletto heels, proudly introducing to you over 25 clips we've made for you guys, with short excerpts, descriptions & live sound.

In fact, I'm straining to tell you about it, literally, because that vertical chain locked to my wrists is just a little bit too short, making me squat a bit & I can't sit down. A typical predicament for me, another "day at the office," for a poor helpless **** like me.

My girlfriends & I do scenes from our work at Gagme, Please, Inc. (callers love to hear how we answer the phone! LOL), office secretaries, we're also Detectives searching for the ********* Bunnies, also some super-heroine stuff, & every so often our Nude Hooded Captive escapes & we have to chase her down again.

Since I'm also a flexible professional yoga instructor & butt-shaper, you'll see some of my bound stretching. I can also take a 2" ballgag & elbows cinched together behind my back. I love challenges, as you'll see in this intro.

It's about 34 minutes long with about 10 minutes of real, actual, Behind the Scenes (BTS) footage at the end, another thing we try to do here whenever possible.

All in good, secure, bound-tightly, struggling, fun! With a some sexy distressed damsels. We wear lots of true stiletto heels, latex, real handcuffs, rope, chain, leather straps, a great variety of gags & are we ***** are REALLY tied & bound up, one reason we try to include BTS footage so you can see it's real. We do some story lines, some vignettes, & we try to gag-talk & escape every chance we get, but not very successfully.

Please let me know what you think. I love comments, input, requests...
     Angle Arch Experiment
    11 minutes
      Angle Arch Experiment - This was one of our experiments - a customer had us do an outdoor script & we had this idea of arching me back, displaying my body, so that Lucia could "get at me better" lol

Not sure if it worked, but it was awfully hot being helplessly displayed that way. Judge for yourself. We're going to have to make some changes to the metal collar & the posture post.

It's a bondage device, I'm strapped in a leather head-harness with bit gag & metal cuffs.

Maybe you nice fans out there will fund another effort? I think it had potential anyway. What do you think?  Lucia Locked In Stocks
    27 minutes
      Lucia Locked In Stocks - Lucia's in her sheer body-suit with PVC waist cincher thong. She gags herself with a cable-tied red ball gag & bends over to let me lock her wrists in Ruben's Stocks in a box. 

Once she's well secured, I leave her, of course.

She can't do anything at all but think about her exposed but, & drool.

So after I've let her stew a while, as I'm getting some toys, I come back & play with her a bit. She's extremely ticklish & I knew it. 

Heh heh.

This was mostly an experiment with the Rubens box. Let us know if you want more!

Lots of gag talk, playful interaction & behind the scenes footage.

One of the still images that are automatically generated is from the very end, which is a sneak preview of another clip, the one where I'm the one locked in the box, by Cindy.
     Yoga Bound All 3 Positions Combined Discounted
    64 minutes
      Yoga Bound  All 3 Positions Combined  Discounted - This includes all of the footage of the clips: Yoga Bow, Yoga Downward Dog, & Yoga Camel. Both stiletto & bare foot, & both cameras.

Please send input & feedback. I love doing this  Chained In The Downward Dog
    15 minutes
      Chained In The Downward Dog - Felicia's Mandatory Yoga - The Downward Dog Position

UH OH, I'm having trouble with the previews. This one is of me in the stilettos. This clip is not the stilleto one.

I really love yoga. I teach it, & I even teach others to teach it.

It's similar in a lot of ways to another interest: bondage. At least 3 yoga poses remind me of being bound in those positions. So I thought I'd demonstrate it.

Our in-house Handy Rigger came up with ways to keep me secured in these positions. I did some in my skimpy yoga shorts & top, some in black lingerie underwear, & some in both.

I also did some in my stiletto true-6" sandal strap heels. (Separate clip)

Of course, a yoga-type gag was warranted. Mr. Rigger came through again with this wicked latex muzzle (I also introduced it in the Intro clip already posted). It's wonderful. I first pack my mouth completely with one of those cute padded balls (shown) - it's just the right size to keep my jaw open without hurting - & then I stretch the latex muzzle over it. It keeps my jaws clenched around the 
packed ball & keeps me from lodging it out. I seriously can't say a thing - very effective - & yet I can wear it all day. When my hands are tied behind my back, I can't get the packing out. Works really well.

And that helps me yoga, since it's relaxing. I'm not even distracted by trying to say something, since I can't.

Thanks to Mr. Rigger, some cuffs, chains & electrical tape, I can't even break out of these yoga positions at all.

Lots of playful gag talk, as much as I could! And struggle, also to the limit. Hey these are intentionally strenuous positions anyway. 

To be chained & cuffed in each position - yowzer.

I self-cuff myself too

At the end, (a separate clip) I'm ****** in to the yoga bow position, which is also a hogtie, Rigger pays $20 bills, that he throws on the floor! I can keep all of them that I can gather, while arched in to a tight hogtie made all the more strenuous by the fact that my hands were going numb! Great way to get a me to struggle though!!

Backup camera footage is also included.

This was really another experiment, so let me know how you liked it & any challenges you'd like to see me do. I enjoyed it. I think I 

could go a lot longer next time. Any bets?

Category: BONDAGE
Keywords: yoga yoga shorts yoga positions gym gym shorts latex muzzle gag electrical tape stilleto stiletto cuff chain endurance predicament

Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720

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    Welcome To Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs
    Hi Iím Felicia & these are our Adventures. Me & my BFFs (Bound Fetish Friends, Bound & Fettered Friends? LOL) These include clips from former Lisa & Friends stores. Clips are 1280x720 or 1920x1080 HD widescreen, at about 4 mbps. Please tell us what you think, input, critique, customs requests... Thanks!! XOXO Mmmmph!!

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      Jennifer Hogcuffed

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      Heidi Lingerie Self Cuff Hogchain Complete Version

    Heidi Lingerie Self Cuff Hogchain Complete Version


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      Heidi Lingerie Self Cuff Hogchain

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    Investigator Lucy Captured  Lucy Purr  Kobe Lee Pt 2


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