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 34squirted Its Insides Out34 2 Cumshots Dirty Talk
26 minutes

  34squirted Its Insides Out34 2 Cumshots  Dirty Talk - The 1st cumshot perhaps the biggest (or one of the biggest) ever

Hayden not only releases sperm ducts but also vocal cords :) The entire clip is "narrated" (I wanted to avoid making the clip longer by cutting to my face and then back to the video, so it's entire video...) Hayden is opening her sperm ducts *and* vocal cords...!

Stroking in this video is only rolling foreskin up and down (as opposed to giving myself an "oiljob") instead of edging myself, giving myself an oiljob, it is foreskin rolling up and down, up and down...

BONUS story [because the clip has background "narration" I have space for bonus story :D altho this is more fitting for the "Sperm garden fountain - 3 ruined orgasms in a row..." clip because my face in this clip is visible multiple times but not in Sperm garden fountain (femboy has a potato sack put over its head in this story) and also all 3 orgasms are ruined but here only the 2nd one]

Coming soon...! (the story is not yet finished lol, all I can tell u is that it involves the federal ban on ikizukuri in Austria-Hungary (with the exception of oysters which are still ok to eat alive) and some other things :D)  Big Meaty Balls Featurette Poor Hayden Is Completely Drained
15 minutes

  Big Meaty Balls Featurette Poor Hayden Is Completely Drained - Note: if you only want big juicy sperm squirts sprinkling on your face, then I do not recommend getting this clip (unless you love heavy, meaty balls, in that case continue reading :)), as you can tell from the title the ejaculation in this clip is pathetic, this was the third squirt after first 2 in the "Hayden must release her balls..." clip, initially I just wanted to delete this footage (such small sperm volume is unacceptable! it's maybe 1 1/2 teaspoons, wtf, pathetic) but then I watched it and my balls look extra meaty (maybe it makes sense? if eggs are completely drained, it could mean that they would want to really enter maximum production of new sperm, I wouldn't be surprised if they swell a little in stage of maximum sperm production...?

Video Description:
I stand up from sitting at the table [can be seen in video preview]

Maybe 1 minute in (idk) I do this thing where I cup my balls and then let them plop on the table (can be seen in gif) a good 5 times in a row, and they don't make a *plop* sound but more like a *thud* sound, more like a sound a thick, rolled up newspaper would make if you throw it on the table, just more subtle, this turned me on (it sucks that I have this weird rule, that I'm not allowed to jerk off looking at my own videos because the temptation is sometimes very big, lol)

There is a lot of slight, unintentional ball flexing, it's not full ball flexing when doing it consciously (like pulling up balls from low ******* all the way up to their tips touching pubic area) but that's because I wasn't even aware I'm flexing them.

From stood up next to the table the scene changes to spreading legs on top of the table (well_that_escalated_quickly.jpg lol, and I don't mind it) at first the cock was semi hard (refusing to squirt?) but then it gets full hard, the scrotum starts to contract (when it would contract fully it would mean that it's ready to pump out protein) but suddenly sperm oozes out of pee slit, the ballsack had not even contracted fully! Like two noticeable pumps of sperm ooze out, maybe 1 1/2 tsp at most... Do you remember Mister Milkmaid from earlier? How do you think what would he do if he is milking a shemale cow and confronted with this situation, my hope is that he would at least slap the stupid shemale cow or bully her in some other way because it turns me on :P
[To make it even worse, when I cum I make this one really embarrassing "whimper"/moaning sound, thankfully only once, lol]

Afterwards my cock goes limp really fast, so that I can roll down my foreskin

I pick up the cam and say something along the lines "I needed to mark this, don't you agree? :)" I think what I meant was that if I'm staying at a place I need to ejaculate in it everywhere - on the floor, on the dining table, everywhere :D

For maybe 15 seconds I start ranting that my favorite German TV channel (ZDF info, in case ure wondering - documentary channel) is running reruns for docs that they ran just couple of hours ago... But then I look in the camera and ask you if you want to see my sperm covered foreskin and ballsack and I lower the camera back to my spread legs, my nutsack is ******* as low as ever, you know sperm production requires slightly less hot temperature, my pair of eggs are ******* as low as possible for max seed production because they were just emptied to 0%!
 Part 2 Hayden Must Release Her Balls Again
13 minutes

  Part 2 Hayden Must Release Her Balls Again - ...a little bit of arched feet with throbbing hard, oiled-up cock (that's about to squirt) in foreground

Finally the second installment (the next day or couple days after the previous "Hayden must release her balls...") where you can take a look of what's going on in Hayden's vacation rental :)

All of the apartments were connected by a terrace and all of my windows were cracked open (behind drawn drapes) And this was pretty suspicious, more than once I heard someone walking past, why would you be wandering around the terrace so late? I wonder if you have never seen it before, can the slippery, sloppy sounds be confused for something else? Something tells me, that even if I hadn't seen it before, I would get the idea of what's going on if I heard the slippery sounds of an oiled-up throbbing hard cock being tease-t0rtured... They wanted to sneak a peek? They would have been able to see my feet because the drapes are really short so you can see the floor and legs of chair from outside

(I could go on about sneaky people...! Remember the "2 sloppy ejaculations..." video, that time I realized my neighbor always opens his window when I'm filming, our windows are like L-shape against each other, very suspicious timing! Later I had a very awkward realization just how see-through my Roman blinds are! I don't want to know how it was when I had an additional light pointing at my spread legs , because when I decided to check how it looks from the outside after sun-down I could see a lot from the outside with just the ceiling light on which is much dimmer...!

But you don't have to worry! You get a view like a perfectly, strategically placed peep-hole... Imagine a peep-hole that opens up this view...

[Austro-Hungarian backstory on origin of peepholes]
There is no reason not to continue the historical Austro-Hungarian tradition of having peepholes that you can slide open all over your residence...! Do you really think that wealthy land owners were so incapable that they needed a servant for such simple things as to pour them a *****? It is just a front to have servant quarters as fully occupied as possible. ...servant quarters that all have peeping holes...The excitement never ends...! Will your femme boy servants use this moment of "privacy" for...? You can watch! Or you could temporarily make one of your servants share a room with one of the guards (the servants are pretty boys (maybe some of them even dress as maids for work?) the guards are virile and muscular) ...and watch if passion sparks between them ("passion sparks between them" is a nicer way of saying "love juices squirt in all directions")

But then suddenly you end this co-abitation leaving the femboy servant very sad and... and in need to release his love juices thinking about his lost lover, the femboy servant doesn't realize this was all a part of a plot, even less so he realizes that the mastermind behind this plot is watching him pleasuring his member at this very moment...!!!  Hayden Must Release Her Balls And Then A 2nd Time
17 minutes

  Hayden Must Release Her Balls And Then A 2nd Time  - If you rent a short term apartment / vacation rental to Hayden be prepared that sperm is going to shoot in all directions :D [a little fantasy time!] In an alternate universe you would be made into a SPERM TOILET to avert this! your body would be immobilized and a funnel would go down in your mouth, the device would be completely transparent so you can see what's going on, your only purpose would be to be a receptacle for Hayden's sperm, can you imagine how horrifying that would be!? ...ok, we would be lying to ourselves if we thought that you think it's horrifying, if you think about being ****** to be sperm receptacle watching as Hayden's sexy pink penis turns throbbing hard soon to ejaculate a big load of sperm, while you can be basically nothing but a human piece of furniture , it makes you feel mushy and tingly how that hot sperm load will run down your throat, without you being able to do anything about it. We would be lying if we said hat this doesn't make you all tingly daydreaming about it ;)

Video Description: a short little scene of showing my armpits (can be seen in the preview) don't ask me why, idk, lol. My armpits are a little grown out (although it's not too visible because they are kinda dark blond) maybe it's like a "signal" or code for you to get under the table? :D because slightly grown out armpits look similar to trimmed beaver? Although my beaver is completely smooth in this clip but I think it could be code for "get down" aka get down on your knees and crawl under the table :D

And under the table scene. I'm a bit restless, judging by how fast my cock went from semi-hard to pulsating hard you can see that I *really* need to release my balls at this moment but despite my restlessness the scene is kinda relaxing? Think about it, you have crawled under the table, no one can see you, it's just you and Hayden's pink penishead, you can take your time, licking it, sucking it, slobbering all over it until Hayden releases a hot load of sperm in your mouth, your idea of paradise! And no one can see you...!

Maybe 1 1/2 half hours have past but Hayden's penis needs to be milked again! But this is a completely different angle. And idk what but this position is just so cocky. You could say I'm righting a historical wrong, I have this SPH video where I get my cock out for a while and a very abridged version where I don't even get my cock out, just bratty teasing (u can probably find them by searching "wetlook" or wetlook leggings") but that is just wrong! 1st you should release your sex organs and 2nd when your sex organs are released you should release your sperm, well if your subjects are nice and well behaved :D. If you're one of those guys who likes those brat ***** along the lines "my sexy legs make you weak, loser!" or similar, don't you think there is something missing in their videos? Their attitude is so cocky, you wish they could take out their sexy glistening cock and and assert their dominance by casually shooting a big load of sperm (I mean, there's always more, so it's like whatever). If you ever think that this is missing to "seal the deal" then you can watch the second scene in this video, or hell you could put it on loop while simultaneously watching one of their vids, for maximum cockiness!
 Juicy Penis 2
7 minutes

  Juicy Penis 2 - Finally, it's here! this is when I went for a second squirt after the previously published "Juicy Penis 1" It was second in a row but as juicy as ever, in crisp Full HD and perfect audio. this time also experimental vertical aspect ratio, to fit perfectly, from sprawling nutsack all up to my face! This will make you wish you could stick your head through the screen (well it made me, lol) and have that juicy squirt sprinkle all over your face...!  Juicy Penis 1
7 minutes

  Juicy Penis 1 - Part of experimental new "series", basically the idea is to challenge me to not jerk off in my pajamas off the camera but to quickly slip out of my pajamas turn on the cam, no bells or whistles just making it squirt... fresh, hot, delivered straight to your door!

There are a couple editing cuts in the beginning (around first 40 secs) but when the cock is erect and oiled up it's continuous... until it squirts, build up scene here looks so sexy, you can see that that cock wants to POP, and you're like: oh boy when will it pop, I want to see it pop! (I think I finally understand balloon fetish - it's like a "alternative" of a sexy pulsating balancing on the edge until it finally bursts shooting hot seed, buying a pack of balloons is much more realistic than buying a pack of femboys at a slave market auction and then forcing them to squirt their juices, altho maybe forcing them to squirt wouldn't be that hard because they are so horny and want to squirt sperm everywhere! :D)

Slo-mo replay is a split-screen, remember when I said this cock looks like it's about to pop! Well, it definitely popped! counted 4 shots shooting up to shoulder/chin height(!) followed by like 3 smaller shots splattering on nearby objects and my bed

Random Shemale Hayden Pavlov Clips more
 Nasty Shemales Sperm Sack Is Full It Wants To Spray
13 minutes
  Nasty Shemales Sperm Sack Is Full It Wants To Spray - Idk why but the masturbation scene looks... extra vulgar! This shemale's oily sex organs look even more vulgar than usual! (a.k.a. I love how this turned out :D)

To make it even better there is a flexing scene with "natural" armpits (you know exactly what that means ;)) I specifically picked out the snug wetlook gloves because they are the most unbreathable and would make me start to want to get sweaty...

[fantasy] This is the type of shemale which maybe with the help of some advanced pharmac0logical means would turn its ****** feeling weak and "mushy" in his upper body at the same time entering lordosis and the ****** doesn't understand why is he arching his back and sticking his ass in the air, this is so shameful! You wouldn't say that the shemale will sodomize him, that sounds a bit too violent... A substance is spread on his anus and it turns like butter, it would take as much effort as cutting a knife through soft butter, the shemale slides in its swollen hot sex organ... Does it whisper anything into his ear? "You have been selected for sperm depositing" Would it be so diplomatic? Maybe it just grunts and bites his ear as it starts thrusting with more rhythm... You know soon a big load of hot sperm will be deposited in him!

I left in the scene with crotchless panties because there I explain the bonuses of crotchless panties (also low ******* sack!), altho you need to "read the lines" a bit, when I say "allows easy access for example if the waiter at the restaurant is really sexy" ...ok maybe you don't need to read between the lines because it's pretty clear what is meant here :D Another bonus that I explain for example if I'm bored at the restaurant I can take oil from the table and just pull up my dress and start masturbating under the table. :)

If I will start making snapshots I probably won't be able to stop so let's have just this random snapshot, just seconds after spraying and the nuts have already dropped!

ok wth lets have another one: nutsack before emptying, it kinda looks like it's starting to scrunch up, it can't wait to be emptied!

Look in its eyes, how do you think what is it looking at?

(ok I promise the last one!) could this be a view from under the table at that restaurant...? :D  Ecstatic Squirt Of Sperm You Spy A Femboy Under A Dressing Stal
4 minutes
  Ecstatic Squirt Of Sperm You Spy A Femboy Under A Dressing Stal - This large swimming pool/gym complex have all the shower and changing areas mixed but all with private stalls. Probably because they wanted to put up surveillance cameras in the more shared areas because of the large number of people.

But you hear the sound of stilettos in the changing stall next to you. Of course being you the curiosity gets the best of you, you wouldn't want to stick your head under the stall because that could be noticed but if you just stick the top of your phone which is much smaller just past it, pointing upward...

You think omg... there is a slender, petite ****... with... a large semi engorged member... she is kind of flailing it around as if saying "no!" as if trying to "exorcise" it, it's like a fight between them, you can tell she is trying not to touch the tip but you can see it is tingling without even being touched, it's a fight for control and the tingling tip of the sexual organ simply does not want to go away...!

You suspected that this is a losing battle but not quite so soon... Just seconds later the **** slathers body oil on the tip and a few seconds later the sexual organ is fully erect and pointing to the sky... The hand barely touching the erect shaft with its protruding veins because it's so sensitive it barely even needs to be touched! What will happen...? ... Omg...!

You recorded all of this on your phone! So when the video fades to black you have edited it in slow motion (and the faint, subdued moaning sounds even more erotic in the slow motion version!) Now you can exactly count all the squirts of sperm!

#1 this shot up to shoulder height
#2 another big squirt
#3 and another
#4 and another
#5 no squirting white white sperm just pumps out and runs down the glans
#6 another pump of sperm, you wonder if squirting is over?
#7 it isn't! after those two pumps there is another squirt!
#8 and another small squirt...

And you realize that you are not even sure how many there were one time you counted there were 9 but then if you count the couple faintly visible pumps of clear fluid from the glans of the organ maybe it should be 10 or even 11. You have lost count but you are excited to rewatch it!

You decide to hide your little cell phone video somewhere safe (like burning it on a disk and slipping behind a book sleeve) but just the thought (even if you don't see it) brightens up your day... that there are pretty femboys... almost angelic... who lose control over their sexual member... it takes a hold of them almost in a devilish way... but the paradox is that when the sexual organ has completely overtaken control of their body in that orgasmic moment the seed that they squirt is so white and so pure it looks almost angelic in that orgasmic moment... and they don't do it just once they squirt time and time again... and just this knowledge lifts your spirits, it makes you happy and this is very understandable.
 2nd In A Row Big Load Spraying W Embarrassing Orgasm Faces
17 minutes
  2nd In A Row Big Load Spraying W Embarrassing Orgasm Faces - The last clip was right before sunrise where I sprayed a big load, so, what do you when a couple hours have passed? :D You make it spray again! Surely those nuts are full again... :D And this definitely was not a modest load, there were some 7-8-9 bigger and smaller squirts!

This time in slo-mo replay I decided to zoom in (in the clip itself, in normal speed it is shown in full frame). And I love how it turned out. You can clearly see the sperm squirting out of the spritzkanal! Something a bit creepy - the first shot (the one shown in the gif preview) can actually be heard! I mean the moment it shoots not the splattering of the sperm on near-by object or the floor but its squirting up...!

Depending how you look at it... There could be a "corruption transformation? (or should it be called "mind reduction"?) Look how wholesome this tranny is! It's well fed and hydrated, you feed it pork and white fish fillets, such a wholesome tranny and that food and keeping it hydrated has an effect on it's balls (if you know what I mean :D)

You stimulate its sexual organ and its mind is reduced to one thing - it wants to SPRAY ITS SEED! In the intense orgasm it's reduced to a drooling retard! As its sexual organ squirts sperm...  Sperm Garden Fountain 3 Ruined Orgasms In A Row
29 minutes
  Sperm Garden Fountain  3 Ruined Orgasms In A Row - ...MINDLESS sperm squirting! Is this the best way to milk a shemale cow? Complete draining of those nuts!

This is the "abridged" version because there are 3 ejaculations in this clip! (Honestly I don't think I will be publishing a less edited/"full" version, it could run in excess of 40 minutes, who can handle a 40+ min 1080p60 file? lol)

I think I struck a very nice balance in this version.

To make it more affordable I will add a $4 discount because the side by side real time replay of the ejaculations and the slow-mo replay is duplicate footage but it is also my #1 fave part to re-watch! :D And I mean c'mon let's try to not make you go bankrupt, lol. Men have higher protein requirements, they need sperm! This also works digitally, in an Austro-Hungarian study it was found that looking at splashy ejaculations (bonus points for shiny helmets and floppy nutsacks) decreased men's stress hormone levels and increased their happiness levels!

Video description:This is my first EVER ruined orgasm and this one was completely ruined [with the later ones there was something I really liked altho the orgasms were ruined I'll tell you later]

You can see the beginning of the first scene in the video preview. It tingles so good as I touch the shaft and my balls are so full! Suddenly I pull away my hand, it starts squirting, I'm moaning audibly but this was only like residual moaning from how nice it felt when I touched it, goodness knows how many big squirts, I'd say 5 big squirts, the ejaculation becomes kinda chaotic, it pumps 2 smaller pumps and you think squirting is over but then another bigger squirt (maybe the length of a cigarette kinda like that) you can hear that I've completely shut up (this was when I looked sideways to the camera preview (before I looked at porn) and was like WTF? I see it squirting in cam preview but I don't feel anything! and it keeps pumping... I take my hand away from the base of the shaft, it goes limp surprisingly fast, I flex it because I'm paranoid that not all squirted out (little did I know lol) I touch it for the first time, kinda shocked that there is practically nothing left in the shaft - usually I can squeeze out more when it goes limp... It is so completely drained, more drained than with a nice intense orgasm...?

This is scary, does this mean that this is the actual fate that awaits shemale cows/bulls? No orgasms for complete draining of their nuts...!? And no orgasm means that they want to try it again and again... Falling into the trap...

After the video fades out a short scene of completely soft dick and really low ******* floppy nutsack, I ask "So, let's go for another round, eh!?"

A short scene of POV as if you were in front of me and looking down at my cock, Idk why I didn't do this before, nice view of pink inner foreskin, I realize that I have a pretty long inner foreskin.

Dick was kinda between semi-hard and hard, it goes more limp and you can see *behind* the "crown" of the glans:

I recommend playing this in slow-mo as it's just a little scene of like 15 seconds.

The dick is throbbing hard, I take my hand away - ridiculous squirting - it's like a garden hose. No orgasm but this time without any stimulation I could just feel the sperm violently racing through the shaft, it's not tingly orgasmic feeling but I loved it, just something primal - sperm violently shooting through your shaft and you feel it.

Again a quick view of limp dick and floppy ballsack, are they in overdrive to produce more sperm? :D Let's check up on how they're doing?

Here I left the build up scene a little longer (maybe 4 minutes) you can kinda see that there is struggle - the dick is hard but it kinda refuses to squirt right away but it's like you're not going anywhere I WILL ***** you to squirt! I got a raging boner looking at that "struggle" (and yes! this is a problem that I'm still struggling with, I mean getting raging hardon when I have to watch/edit my videos it's very awkward!) Of course there was no escape for him, so he was a good boy and squirted, this was the third ejaculation of that afternoon/evening but still 3 big squirts!

After it went soft super fast (and also practically nothing left in the shaft, complete drainage!) there is a short scene of kinda patting my nutsack:

The best part is that slight "wet" sound, like even if you didn't see it but heard the sound you would just know that it's something very pornographic.
You can also imagine that it's Mister Milkmaid patting the shemale cow's/femboy bull's nuts "You have been a good little cow *pat pat*" The cow is happy for this praise from Mr. Milkmaid (the cow thinks that he's really cute and has a crush on him) but it's also very confused, Mr. Milkmaid promised that this time cow would have a nice orgasm, what happened (shemale cows are not very smart) but Mr. Milkmaid is really slick he pats it and tells it not to worry it's pretty little head. The cow thinks he must be right! (Shemale cows have terrible long term memory, they don't remember when they have been lied to, this is perfect for their milking :D)
 Its Sexual Organ Tingles It Wants To Squirt Sperm
8 minutes
  Its Sexual Organ Tingles It Wants To Squirt Sperm - You may remember Gyul from "Dreadful shemale executioner shoots ... again and again".

It is so nasty but you would want to lick it head to toe or should it be toe to head? When I say "head" you know exactly what I mean ;)Court officials have brought Gyul to a ball.

It found a more quiet spot on a sofa facing an unset table but the table has table cloth on and the edges of the table cloth are kind of crocheted you can peep through the holes. Because the table is long you could crawl under the further end and then crawl to the end facing Gyul unnoticed. Will you sneak some good upskirt views under its mini dress!? :D It didn't have to execute anyone today, it is wearing its executioner cap/hood but is it wearing the crotchless shemale executioner panties?

It crosses and uncrosses its legs but you didn't get a good view you nead to lean lower. Oh yeah! You catch a view of Gyul's crotch! It's bare, Gyul is going commando under its mini dress...! You can observe its trimmed beaver... Wouldn't Gyul be too dumb to trim its beaver...? This raises questions... Maybe the court officials have a barber come and shave Gyuls legs and trim its beaver to keep it groomed...? Does Gyul demand a happy ending from the barber!? Like when the barber is done he would spread oil on Gyul's legs... Gyul could get angry if the barber doesn't *ahem* provide full service...!

The court officials have really done a good job training Gyul to behave more lady-like as at first it didn't even want to walk on two legs but it is unlikely that Gyul could groom its beaver like that being a shemale that has grown up in the wild without any human contact...

As Gyul is sitting there it's acting kind of restless looking at something... Crossing and uncrossing its legs... What is it looking at? Did it notice a handsome guy that is making Gyul restless? It probably has its special Gyul purse somewhere outside view with the special liquid that makes you fall ******, Gyul would have to just sneak behind the guy and have the liquid poured on a cloth and then put it on his nose and mouth and the job would be done! What if it's the son of some super-important hot shot governor? Gyul doesn't give a fuck, it does what it wants, that would be for the court officials to clean up... But it can't do it because there are just too many people on the ball room floor... Just too many witnesses...

But its sexual organ is tingling [suddenly it cuts to a 1st person POV of Gyul looking down at its crotch, are you excited!? :D We get to be Gyul even if just for 30 seconds, I am excited!]

Its sexual organ tingles even though it's not erect, touching against the soft ballsack spilling over the sofa makes it tingle pleasantly. Gyul attempts to roll over the foreskin over the glans to stop this tingling and crosses it's legs but as soon as the legs are crossed it makes the glans "pop out" of the foreskin... it's just no use...

You see Gyul squatting down beside the sofa - its erect sexual organ is pointing up, you can see in its eyes that are looking in the distance that it is taking great pleasure in touching its organ...!

Suddenly two big shots of sperm squirt out of its sexual organ in different directions, then a smaller squirt that lands on its stomach, another and another... Probably 5 squirts most of them landing on its beaver!

It gets up to examine the big wet mess [here when I looked at my trimmed bush which was just soaked in sperm I gasped something like "omg", let's pretend that didn't happen :D because Gyul never learned to speak although maybe Gyul has learned to imitate specific phrases and maybe it can say "omg"?]

Gyul exposes its sperm soaked beaver as it squats, its shemale executioner PVC heels make these kind of squeaky, kind of crackling sounds that PVC fake leather makes...

Perhaps it tried to dry its beaver just a bit to just pull down its mini dress and just go back to the ball room floor!? Can you imagine the subtle but strong smell of sperm that this would give off... All the guys would go crazy and they wouldn't know why! Gyul definitely adds special "air" to every ball it visits! :)

(As the video fades out there is a 4x slo-mo replay of the cumshot, the frame rate looks very good again and the slow-mo replay looks very smooth, this is also what is featured in the preview gif)  Masked Shemale Robber Claims To Be Unarmed Mesmerizes Guard
14 minutes
  Masked Shemale Robber Claims To Be Unarmed Mesmerizes Guard - ...with oiled up, flexing cock... shoots big hot shots of sperm all over the guard

This was a request [which I modified of course :D for example by shooting sperm all over the guard :D also instead of a bank I'm targeting a high profile art museum because highly valuable artwork is much more easy to smuggle across borders compared to huge amounts of cash...!]

I want a video done roleplay style 5-7 minutes where you're a villainess robbing a bank unarmed. I'm a guard who catches you. I try to stop you, but you open up a robe or jacket to reveal your already oiled up cock flexing up and down h-ypn0tically. You tease him with it til he's begging to suck it and feel it.

[contains spoilers, lol]

*intruder gets spotted*
"Oh no, I'm unarmed! I can show you I can not draw with just one hand"

*this is true and the guard waits for the intruder to slowly unbutton the coat and prove*

*suddenly an erect cock springs out!*

*keeps reaffirming in a soft voice*
"There's nothing there...! I'm unarmed...! There is no holster there... I'm not even wearing a panty, do you see...? :) I'm unarmed...."

*cock flexing without being touched mesmerizingly*
"I'm unarmed, do you see...? I'm not even wearing a panty..."

*3 different shots of cock flexing interspersed with soft spoken affirmations*

*video cuts to rubbing engorged, oiled up cockhead then massaging veiny shaft, suddenly the shemale turns side ways as if to walk away (quick nice side view of veiny shaft)*
*cuts to face*

"No...! You don't want me to take it away from you...! You would do anything for it...! Anything. You want me to feed you...! You would do anything for it...!"

*In the last shot cock was like maybe 90% hard now it's fully hard, clearly pointing to the sky, stroking becomes more focused. Suddenly you see the cockhead become extra firm, the pee slit becomes kind of little bit flared*

*split second later violent squirt of two jets of sperm, another big kind of in an arch shape like a fountain, another smaller squirt and another and several more pumps of white white sperm*
*slo-mo replay of cumshot*

*Dangling soft oiled up dick covered in sperm, great views of oiled up abs*

*Cuts to shemale's face, her voice sounds colder and kinda condescending now, as if talking to someone mentally challenged or with impaired judgement*
" can nurse on it some more... there's still some left..."

*A bit more views of floppy soft dick with nice views of the "ab triangle" oiled up, squeezing the cockhead a bit a drop of cum appears*

*cuts to face with cold and calculating demeanor*
"OK! Enough now...! I have a list of artwork that I want to steal and I want you to show me around! OK...!?"

*Suddenly the voice becomes warmer and smiling, kinda "motherly" or like talking to a dear but stupid pet*
"And if you're going to be a good boy, I could treat you to some more :) Now how's that!? :)"

*judging by the shemale's demeanor talking to him, the guard must have been reduced to a mindset of a loyal and obedient d0g...!*

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Welcome To Shemale Hayden Pavlov

Featuring 33 Clips / 376 minutes of video!

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  34squirted Its Insides Out34 2 Cumshots Dirty Talk

34squirted Its Insides Out34 2 Cumshots  Dirty Talk


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  Big Meaty Balls Featurette Poor Hayden Is Completely Drained

Big Meaty Balls Featurette Poor Hayden Is Completely Drained


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  Part 2 Hayden Must Release Her Balls Again

Part 2 Hayden Must Release Her Balls Again


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  Hayden Must Release Her Balls And Then A 2nd Time

Hayden Must Release Her Balls And Then A 2nd Time


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  Juicy Penis 2

Juicy Penis 2


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  Juicy Penis 1

Juicy Penis 1


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  Nasty Shemales Sperm Sack Is Full It Wants To Spray

Nasty Shemales Sperm Sack Is Full It Wants To Spray


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  Abridged Delicious Hayden Sperm Selffacial Cum In Mouth

Abridged Delicious Hayden Sperm Selffacial Cum In Mouth


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  Delicious Hayden Sperm Selffacial Cum In Mouth Cim Request

Delicious Hayden Sperm Selffacial  Cum In Mouth Cim Request


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  2nd In A Row Big Load Spraying W Embarrassing Orgasm Faces

2nd In A Row Big Load Spraying W Embarrassing Orgasm Faces


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  Spraying Sperm W Orgasm Faces Attempt At Joi Leading Up To It

Spraying Sperm W Orgasm Faces Attempt At Joi Leading Up To It


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  Sperm Garden Fountain 3 Ruined Orgasms In A Row

Sperm Garden Fountain  3 Ruined Orgasms In A Row


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  2 Sloppy Ejaculations In A Row Oiled Up Sloppy Wet Sounds

2 Sloppy Ejaculations In A Row  Oiled Up Sloppy Wet Sounds


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  Its Sexual Organ Tingles It Wants To Squirt Sperm

Its Sexual Organ Tingles It Wants To Squirt Sperm


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  The Shemale With Exposed Cock Claims Another

The Shemale With Exposed Cock Claims Another


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