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    The House Guest 1

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    Adult Baby TV - The House Guest 1

    Clip Description

    The house guest i

    21 yo sarah is in town to stay with her older friend amina for a couple of days. We pick up on the story as she walks from the bus stop with her overnight bag to her friend's house.

    amina greets her at the door and welcomes her niece. Amina plans on sarah staying for a lot longer than two days because she has schemed to convince sarah to be the baby she has always wanted.

    she shows a horrified sarah the fully fitted out nursery where she can stay for the years to come. She locks the bathroom door so that sarah cannot go to the toilet and explains she will have to wear diapers.

    sarah is mortified as her friend pins a diaper on her, undresses her and puts her in some of the many baby clothes she has. Sarah is locked in the nursery.

    she asks amina for some food and she obliges by breast feeding her. Then sarah finds she has wet her diaper. Amina has been looking forward to this moment for years so she relishes changing sarah'a diaper.

    she then lifts sarah into the high chair and feeds her sarah baby food for dinner. Amina mixes formula for a bottle and puts a very scared sarah to early to bed. As sarah slowly drops off we see she starts to suck her thumb in her.

    the regression process has commenced...

    Clip Duration:      48 minutes
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    Adult Baby TV - The House Guest 1

    Adult Baby TV - The House Guest 1

    Adult Baby TV - The House Guest 1

    Adult Baby TV - The House Guest 1

    Adult Baby TV - The House Guest 1

    Adult Baby TV - The House Guest 1

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