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     Sex Babysitter Class
    41 minutes

      Sex Babysitter Class - Every ab boy's wet dream
what if there was a babysitter class that taught liberal minded and motivated baby sitters how to give their adult baby boys that extra "special" attention?
belle operates such a course. It is one on one with students and she teaches them on a real adult baby boy
melanie is a little naive but very keen to do this. She has heard it is lots of fun and the extra tips she gets would help her through college.
just use your imagination on how belle would teach her students to change a diaper "with extra benefits"
she shows melanie how to wipe the ab boy's pee pee clean then massage it until it gets rock hard. 
it also helps if the baby sitter removes her top and bra and shows the ab boy how to play with her breasts. First belle strips off guiding the ab boys hand onto her huge, firm tits at then melanie takes over moving the ab boy's hand on her perky little titties.
then to lick it clean. First she sucks his cock while melanie watches and learns then melanie takes it all in her mouth moving slowly up and down. Then they both lick his rock hard cock sliding their tongues up and down together.>
when melanie asks why cocks get hard, belle tells her it is for sex and she needs to be prepared to do this with her ab boy clients.
melanie is very keen so belle removes her panties and positions her over the ab boy's cock. She holds his cock upright with one hand and lowers melanie's pussy onto his cock with the other, guiding his rigid shaft easily into melanie's dripping cunt.

bell explains if she does it right he will cum. Melanie wants to see that so she fucks him on top. Then they move to doggy style with bisexual melanie keen to get an a+ eating out belle's pussy at the same time. 
finally, just as he is getting close he pulls out and they both suck his cock straight from melanie's pussy until he explodes a gallon of hot cum all over melamie's young tits.Belle is so proud of her student. Definitely a+ material

but he still needs to have his new diaper on. Melanie and belle lay him down again and sprinkle lots of soft baby powder on him. Massaging it into his cock and balls for the longest time. His cock is still firmly erect. Wouldn't yours be?

then they put a thick, snug, fresh diaper and plastic pants on him to finish the task. His still hard wee wee barely fitting inside the diaper.
 clearly melanie has passed the course with flying colors. She is looking forward to her first job as a sex sitter....  The Bed Wetter Boarder
    63 minutes

      The Bed Wetter Boarder - Full length movie - a feast of wet panties, diapers and pads

suchin is a **** responding to an ad looking for a boarder; however, she is still a nightly bed wetter and prone to daytime accidents who is finally moving out of her parentís home after a lifetime of a strict upbringing.	
wendy is a single woman looking for a boarder; she has no idea of any of suchinís history but after the initial, surprising meeting, comes to see suchin as the ******** she never had and very much the ideal boarder.  
wendy herself is a bed wetter who has daytime accidents.	
loads of diaper and incontinence pad changes
     Male Made To Be An Adult Baby By Dom Nanny
    39 minutes

      Male Made To Be An Adult Baby By Dom Nanny - Lana needs to teach this guy a lesson hew will never forget. 
when is he going to man up and be a responsible adult? 
never. So if he is going to act like a baby he can damn well be one. 
she pushes him to the nursery floor, shoves a pacifier in his mouth and shows him the diaper he will be wearing. 
he does not like this at all but gets a good spanking for his trouble. 
first, off with his pants. Then baby powder and baby wipes. 
next on with a disposable diaper and baby clothes...  Pov Babysitter Wendy 02 Xxx
    8 minutes

      Pov Babysitter Wendy 02 Xxx - Part 2 - hugely popular clips series

wendy is baby sitting you but you cannot control yourself.

when she breast feeds you not only suck on her boobie but play with the nipple on her other bare breast. That is very naughty.

then she checks your diaper and sees it needs to be changed. When she unpins it she notices you are getting a boner. 

that is so wrong and she chastises you. But while she is wiping your  wee wee clean and rubbing powder up and down it you get harder and harder. But you keep getting into more trouble. What is she doing? 

she puts the head of your rock hard dick into her mouth and sucks it. 
but you get into more trouble for getting hard. You cannot help it.
     Pov Babysitter Wendy 01 Xxx
    10 minutes

      Pov Babysitter Wendy 01 Xxx - Part 1 - hugely popular clips series

wendy is baby sitting you but you cannot control yourself.

when she breast feeds you not only suck on her boobie but play with the nipple on her other bare breast. That is very naughty.

then she checks your diaper and sees it needs to be changed. When she unpins it she notices you are getting a boner. 

that is so wrong and she chastises you. But while she is wiping your  wee wee clean and rubbing powder up and down it you get harder and harder. But you keep getting into more trouble. What is she doing? 

she puts the head of your rock hard dick into her mouth and sucks it. 
but you get into more trouble for getting hard. You cannot help it.  Pov Babysitter Pamela 13 Xxx
    13 minutes

      Pov Babysitter Pamela 13 Xxx - Another highly erotic video of eighteen yo baby sitter pamela taking care of you. But what a cock  tease she is.

she plays with you and your toys for a while in the nursery then checks your diaper to find it saturated.

she chastises you for that then she unpins the dipe and moves it away from your cock and balls. She is a real fox getting a great view of her tits down her dress starts giving you an erection
but you know that is a no no and you will get into big trouble if she sees you are aroused.
but she is such a tease she continues to wipe your cock slowly up and down, all the time chastising you for getting hard. 
then she looks you straight in the eye as she goes down on you, rolling her tongue across your swollen tip and then after the longest time taking all of your rock hard cock in her mouth. 
suddenly she stops and hits your cock again for being hard. But you can't help it. She is such a tease.

still looking at you with her sexy eyes she slowly rubs baby powder all up and down your shaft. It feels amazing but you know getting hard is so very wrong and you will be punished.
finally she puts a clean diaper on you and you can relax.
but then she wants to breast feed you. She undoes her maternity bra exposing her dd eighteen yo milk filled breasts

she places a nipple in your mouth for you to suck on. You are so hard and about to explode when she rubs her hand  over your diaper covered cockonce again verbally abuses you  for getting hard and gives it a slap.She also very sexily spoons you baby food. One for you and one for her goes  in between her sensuous lips.
you get into even more trouble for playing with her other exposed breast. She says it is naughty and wrong but you know she gets her kicks teasing you... What a slutty babysitter.

    Random Adult Baby TV Clips more
     Chloes New Neighbour 4
    60 minutes
      Chloes New Neighbour 4 - Amy is concerned she has not seen her friend chloe for a few days and has taken to knocking on door's showing the neighbours chloe's photo.
kindly belle invites her in to calm her down. When belle excuses herself and leaves the room suspicious amy snoops around and finds what appears to be some of chloe's clothes. She covers them up again when belle returns.

they chat some more then belle says she has to attend to something in a room at the back of the house and for amy to wait. After a short while amy hears belle call out would she fetch a diaper from the hall cupboard and bring it to her.

surprised at belle's familiarity amy finds the diapers and is amazed at how big it is. Way too big for a baby. But it does smell nicely like a baby and amy puts it up to her nose and breathes in the scent. She feels a little light headed then suddenly realises she is sucking her thumb.

amy heads off to the back room and finds belle in an odd nursery with outsized baby furniture kneeling on the floor behind a change mat. She is confused but even more so when belle says the diaper is for her!!
amy is getting stressed out but belle has a secret weapon. Diapers impregnated with a regression ************ substance. She ****** amy to breath deeply through another diaper.

amy has a sudden urge to pee and races off to find a toilet. She gets to the bathroom but no toilet so she panics, pulls off her tights and stands in the bath still with her panties on and lets go a massive stream of warm pee. All down her legs and into the bath. She is shocked, horrified and embarrassed! No bladder control. Just like a baby!!

belle comes into the bathroom knowing full well what effect breathing through the diaper has had. She soothes amy and wipes her clean then takes carries her on her hip back to the nursery to diaper her an put her in baby clothes.

amy asks for a sandwich for lunch so belle knows amy needs another hit of baby scented diaper. Then amy is more than content to be breast fed. It feels perfectly normal and comforting to her as she nods off when she has a full tummy.

after she ***** belle carries her into the main room and lifts her into a high chair and spoon feeds her. Amy loves the baby food and loves playing in it more. Then, of course, she wets her diaper and needs to be changed and put into fresh baby clothes

when belle leaves the room for a minute little amy finds chloe's clothes again. But this time she has regressed so deep she is oblivious to their true meaning and sees them as just some things to dress her plush pussy cat in.

belle sees amy is not concerned about the clothes so she knows the regression ************ substance is working really well.
then it is time to be dressed in a cosy footed *******, be given a baby bottle and carried off to the cot for the night. Another ****** for chloe's new neighbour.  Regression Revenge
    55 minutes
      Regression Revenge - Officer lily is from the government child protection agency. She has come to investigate belle's home because neighbours have reported sounds of babies yelling, severe spanking and crying.

lily arrives at the house and walks past belle's car on her way to the front door. The car is unlocked so she looks inside and sees a baby car seat. She writes down number plate.

belle answers the door and lily starts to question her. Belle, who has been kidnapping adults and regressing them with a special formula, is very agitated but insists there are no babies in her home. Lily shows her search warrant and proceeds to search the premises.

officer lily finds a nursery complete with cot , diapers, toys all sorts of baby items. In a cupboard she discovers a medical drip with a strange solution still in the bag.
she also finds manacles attached to the cot rails.

moving into the kitchen she sees an adult sized high chair and finds regression powder and diuretics in a cupboard. As she writes all this down she says to herself "this woman is obviously lying through her teeth. There is ample evidence of babies being here."

she returns to the living room with formulas and diuretics and handcuffs belle while arresting her on suspicion of kidnapping and regressing *****. Belle insists regressions formula is for her own use. Lily says "ok, lets try them on you". Belle protests, makes excuses and struggles. Officer lily ****** belle to swallow diuretic from a baby bottle then leaves belle handcuffed on the floor and goes off to search some more.

while lily is in another part of the house belle wets her pants. "oh no, it can't be happening to me". Lily returns and sees belle has wet herself. "so, how do you like that then! How does that feel to not have control over your bladder just like a baby?" she yells at belle. Belle retorts "you can't do this to me. I will report you to your superiors". "only if you get the chance and I don't think that is going to happen any time soon. A few more doses of regression formula and you won't be doing anything a baby cannot do." replies lily.

lily heads off to the nursery and returns with change bag and pacifier. She rams the pacifier in belle's mouth and tapes it over so she cannot spit it out. Then she diapers belle.

belle is shocked and stunned. This is so wrong - she is being regressed. Surely officer lily is not permitted to exact revenge on her like this! But lily presses on regardless and spends the rest of a very long day giving belle a dose of her own medicine. Treating her just like a baby and keeping her dosed up on regression formula and diuretics to make her pee. Lily even manacles belle inside the cot and inserts the regression drip in her arm. Belle is mortified!
     Felicity Rose And Mommy Wendy
    54 minutes
      Felicity Rose And Mommy Wendy - Mommy wendy walks her two *****, felicity and rose from the car towards the house. She realises felicity is behaving strangely

wendy marches both ***** up to the bathroom and discovers felicity has wet her training panties - again. Rose is relentlessly teasing her younger ******.

wendy rubs the wet training pants in felicity's face and explains she has to go back to wearing diapers. She takes both ***** into the bedroom and goes to get the old diapers from storage. Felicity panics that her ****** friends will tease her. While rose looks on and taunts, mommy wendy wipes and powders felicity then puts her into a velcro diaper. Felicity struggles and protests the whole time.

rose suddenly decides she needs to go to the toilet. Felicity follows her and finds that rose also didn't make it and wet her panties too. She teases her big ****** and calls for their mommy so that rose will get into trouble.

wendy comes into the bathroom and is angry with rose because she must be diapered too. Rose is horrified. Wendy removes rose's wet panties and angrily pushes them into her face.

once again wendy has to find a diaper to put on rose. Now she has both ***** back wearing them.

wendy decides if both ***** are going to behave like babies she has to treat them like babies. She pulls her old maternity bra out of the drawer and tells the ***** they have to be breast fed from now on. She ****** felicity to lie across her lap and breast feeds her. Rose is running wild. Then she grabs rose and ****** a nipple in her mouth too. The ***** calm down and she manages to breast feed both of them at the same time.

as it gets towards late afternoon wendy totally undresses both ***** and puts them in fresh disposable diapers, onesies, booties and tucks them into bed. A pacifier each then lights out.  The House Guest 1
    48 minutes
      The House Guest 1 - The house guest i

21 yo sarah is in town to stay with her older friend amina for a couple of days. We pick up on the story as she walks from the bus stop with her overnight bag to her friend's house. 

amina greets her at the door and welcomes her niece. Amina plans on sarah staying for a lot longer than two days because she has schemed to convince sarah to be the baby  she has always wanted. 

she shows a horrified sarah the fully fitted out nursery where she can stay for the years to come. She locks the bathroom door so that sarah cannot go to the toilet and explains she will have to wear diapers. 

sarah is mortified as her friend pins a diaper on her, undresses her and puts her in some of the many baby clothes she has. Sarah is locked in the nursery. 

she asks amina for some food and she obliges by breast feeding her. Then sarah finds she has wet her diaper. Amina has been looking forward to this moment for years so she relishes changing sarah'a diaper. 

she then lifts sarah into the high chair and feeds her sarah baby food for dinner. Amina mixes formula for a bottle and puts a very scared sarah to early to bed. As sarah slowly drops off we see she starts to suck her thumb in her. 

the regression process has commenced...
     Chloes New Neighbour Iii
    54 minutes
      Chloes New Neighbour Iii - ..The story to so far.. Chloe visited her new neighbour who slipped a regression powder into her cup of tea.
we pick up the story one week later....
early in the morning chloe **** in a crib in her neighbour's house. It has been a week since she left her apartment as an adult to introduce herself to her new neighbour. She has been kept regressed and a prisoner ever since.
her neighbour belle heard her **** and comes into the nursery. She gives chloe a big morning hug and of course checks her diaper which is saturated. She lifts her out of the crib and changes her. Then she tells chloe she has to go to the corner store to buy baby food. She will just be a minute and chloe should be fine in her playpen where she can't reach anything dangerous.
chloe sees belle drive off through the window. The regression formula starts to wear off and she is confused as to why she is dressed and being treated like a baby.
she has to get out of there. Belle is crazy. She tries the window but it is barred.
the door to the nursery has not been locked so she staggers out and through the house. She stumbles across a normal bedroom and finds her adult clothes. She had almost forgotten what they looked like.
hurriedly she pulls off her diaper and adult baby clothes and gets dressed normally and races to the front door.
when she gets there she finds it is barred and locked. She is distraught and angry. Suddenly belle appears outside the door. She has arrived home!
she unlocks the door and enters and is very angry at chloe. Chloe is so confused and upset she actually pees into her jeans.
belle tells her she is obviously not an adult but an adult baby. Only a baby would wet themselves.
she tells chloe to stay put, strips off her clothes and diapers her right there, standing up. Then she has to grab a mop and clean the floor where chloe was standing.
she ****** chloe back to the nursery which has become a prison to chloe. She dresses her in more baby clothes.
belle tells chloe she must now come into the kitchen, sit in a high chair and be spoon fed. Chloe is appalled. What she does not see is belle pouring more regression powder into her food.
chloe pushes the food away - after all, she is an adult - but when she has swallowed a few spoonfulls she regresses all over again. She eats like a baby, plays with her food like a baby and is enjoying her dinner time with her mommy.
after her baby fruit gel belle walks her into the living room, sits on a comfy arm chair, lays her across her lap and breast feeds her. During the breast feed chloe switches back and forth from being a happy baby to being an adult ****** to be a baby.
of course by now she has wet her diaper again and belle lifts her onto the change table remove the soggy diaper, wipe, powder and put her in a fresh new dipe.
it is a lovely sunny day outside and belle needs to **** out laundered diapers to dry. She sets chloe up on a rug with some toys in the back yard so she can keep an eye on her. She very thoughtfully puts a cute lace bonnet on chloe to protect her from the sun.
it has been a big day so far and chloe is ready for her afternoon nap. She takes her back to the nursery, undresses her and puts a snug footed ******* on her.
chloe snuggles into her pillow and belle gives her a loving cuddle and kiss on her forehead. She leaves the room when chloe has dozed off. But then chloe ***** about an hour later. Is she really a baby? Was she ever an adult? Is this a bad dream or is this for real - for ever?  Back To Babyhood
    60 minutes
      Back To Babyhood - Two young women get together and reminisce about the fun times they had when they were babies together.

melanie agrees to ***** over but when she ***** next morning she discovers she had ***** too much and wet the bed. She thinks it is a huge joke and calls in belle to see for herself.

belle, who lives in the house her ****** left her in her will, said that her ****** still has the original nursery from years ago. Wouldn't it be fun if she was melanie's mommy and diapered her and babied her?

melanie thinks that is a great idea so they both head into the nursery for a full day of adult baby fun. Towards evening belle wishes she was a baby too so she regresses as well and they both curl up together in the cot for the night.

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      Sex Babysitter Class

    Sex Babysitter Class


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      The Bed Wetter Boarder

    The Bed Wetter Boarder


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      Male Made To Be An Adult Baby By Dom Nanny

    Male Made To Be An Adult Baby By Dom Nanny


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      Pov Babysitter Wendy 02 Xxx

    Pov Babysitter Wendy 02 Xxx


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      Pov Babysitter Wendy 01 Xxx

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      Pov Babysitter Pamela 13 Xxx

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      Pov Babysitter Pamela 12 Xxx

    Pov Babysitter Pamela 12 Xxx


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      Ab Clinic

    Ab Clinic


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      The House Guest 4

    The House Guest  4


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       Trauma 2 Pee Spanked Diapered Babied

    Trauma 2  Pee Spanked Diapered Babied


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      Diapered And Regressed 1 Car Ride

    Diapered And Regressed  1  Car Ride


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      The Clinic

    The Clinic


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      Back To Babyhood

    Back To Babyhood


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      Felicity Rose And Mommy Wendy

    Felicity Rose And Mommy Wendy


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      The House Guest 1

    The House Guest 1


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