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    Kinky Clothes
    Ribald Regression

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Adult Baby TV - Ribald Regression

    Clip Description

    Lily is still producing breast milk. She takes a look at her maternity bra and bra pad and notices she is leaking a bit. Then she picks up magazine and reads that there is a reported but not proven case of an adult drinking breast milk and regressing to a baby.

    this gets her thinking about her friends who are due to arrive any minute. There is a knock at the door and in walk belle and rob. Big hugs and kisses all round.

    there is a little flirting because these three have partied together for a number of years. Of course rob comments on lily's big boobs. Lily asks would he like to touch them so of course he does. Then lily asks would rob like to suck on them? Rob looks at belle who encourages him.

    rob leans over to get a mouthful and starts sucking. He is enjoying it so much he lays on lily's lap like a baby would and settles in.

    before long he starts to suck his thumb and act a little babyish. Belle wonders what is happening but lily is pleasantly surprised that this regression thing is happening but does not let on to belle.
    next thing belle is flirting some more and rubbing rob's crotch. Suddenly it feels wet. She is astonished and laughs that rob has wet his pants just like a real baby so lily says then they will have to diaper him.

    rob protests but he is no match for the two *****. They remove his wet jeans and set up a change mat, diaper, wipes and powder. When lily is wiping his penis it starts to get hard. Very hard. So she strokes it some more and belle joins in. Enjoying the proximity of rob's large, erect cock she leans over and takes it all in her mouth giving him an amazing blow job. Belle kisses him and strokes his cock too. Everyone is getting pretty horny.

    but back to more important things. The ***** finish diapering rob and dress him in baby clothes.

    belle takes an interest in lily's breasts which are still exposed from breast feeding rob so lily asks would she like to try too? Belle does and finds she regresses too. She regresses very quickly and wets her panties.

    lily removes her wet panties and prepares to diaper her. When she was wiping her giny belle gave a little moan indicating she was enjoying it. Lily and rob then both finger fuck belle, taking turns to slide their finger deep inside belle's dripping pussy. Belle just loves it.

    once belle is diapered and dressed in baby clothes lily leaves the two new adult babies together. Part baby, part adult, they are both naughty and horny and start masturbating each other. Fantastic fun.

    lily returns to the room and far from being shocked she joins in.

    Clip Duration:      38 minutes
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    wmv398.02 MB

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    Adult Baby TV - Ribald Regression

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brooke answered her door and asked chloe in for a cup of tea. She has in the middle of folding adult sized diapers and baby clothes.

chloe asked what they were for and brooke told her that being an adult baby is fun and she should try.

chloe became nervous and a little scared. She asked if she could use the bathroom and when she was out of site brooke added a mysterious powder to chloe's tea.

it made chloe quite dizzy and unable to resist brooke leading her into her nursery then diapering her and dressing her in baby clothes and pushing an enormous pacifier into her mouth.

chloe was also unable to stop brooke from forcibly breast feeding her. Then, to make things worse, brooke checked her diaper and found she had wet it.

brooke ****** chloe to behave like a baby in lots of other ways but eventually the **** that made her so pliable was wearing off so brooke poured a different powder into a baby bottle full of warm milk.

after drinking the bottle chloe was feeling like she was a baby and it was all quite wonderful to be babied by a mommy like brooke.

brooke dressed her for bed time and as chloe curled up in the cot sucking her thumb she could not stop herself from blurting out to brooke "goodnight mommy" just before she nodded off. Now, where did that come from!