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    Felicity Rose And Mommy Wendy

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Adult Baby TV - Felicity Rose And Mommy Wendy

    Clip Description

    Mommy wendy walks her two *****, felicity and rose from the car towards the house. She realises felicity is behaving strangely

    wendy marches both ***** up to the bathroom and discovers felicity has wet her training panties - again. Rose is relentlessly teasing her younger ******.

    wendy rubs the wet training pants in felicity's face and explains she has to go back to wearing diapers. She takes both ***** into the bedroom and goes to get the old diapers from storage. Felicity panics that her ****** friends will tease her. While rose looks on and taunts, mommy wendy wipes and powders felicity then puts her into a velcro diaper. Felicity struggles and protests the whole time.

    rose suddenly decides she needs to go to the toilet. Felicity follows her and finds that rose also didn't make it and wet her panties too. She teases her big ****** and calls for their mommy so that rose will get into trouble.

    wendy comes into the bathroom and is angry with rose because she must be diapered too. Rose is horrified. Wendy removes rose's wet panties and angrily pushes them into her face.

    once again wendy has to find a diaper to put on rose. Now she has both ***** back wearing them.

    wendy decides if both ***** are going to behave like babies she has to treat them like babies. She pulls her old maternity bra out of the drawer and tells the ***** they have to be breast fed from now on. She ****** felicity to lie across her lap and breast feeds her. Rose is running wild. Then she grabs rose and ****** a nipple in her mouth too. The ***** calm down and she manages to breast feed both of them at the same time.

    as it gets towards late afternoon wendy totally undresses both ***** and puts them in fresh disposable diapers, onesies, booties and tucks them into bed. A pacifier each then lights out.

    Clip Duration:      54 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv567.84 MB

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    Adult Baby TV - Felicity Rose And Mommy Wendy

    Adult Baby TV - Felicity Rose And Mommy Wendy

    Adult Baby TV - Felicity Rose And Mommy Wendy

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    Trauma 2  Pee Spanked Diapered Babied - Lily has hatched a plan to find and regress an unsuspecting ****** to be her adult baby.
she advertised a room to rent and soon had some responses. When a **** called amy phoned she learned amy was just 19 years old, short and petite. Best of all she had no friends or relatives and would not be missed by anyone if she "dropped out of sight"
amy calls around to check out the room and to lily's delight she sees she is perfect for her devious plans.
lily says to herself "this little **** is better than I had even hoped for. I have big plans for her."
excited, lily ensures she has diuretic powder to make amy pee and regression formula ready for when she moves in the next day.

amy arrived with just one carry bag. Lily says to put it in her room and come back in for a cup of tea. Makes tea and laces it with the diuretic. Amy gets tired, head spinning a little and asks if she could be excused and have an early night.

early next morning lily enters the room without knocking and ***** amy. She tells amy it is time to go to ******. Amy is confused. What? ******? She is an adult. Where is she? Then amy becomes aware she has wet her bed. Totally embarrassed she asks lily to leave. Lily knows what has happened and rips off the covers. Lily insists very forcibly that amy will have to be diapered. Amy is so very embarrassed to be naked and diapered - especially by a stranger. She is mortified. Then, just like a mommy would, lily sends her to the bathroom to brush her teeth like a good little ****.

meantime lily packs amy's ****** lunch box including a ***** laced with a diuretic.
once amy has finished brushing her teeth lily dresses her dor ******. Amy protests she cannot possibly wear a diaper to ****** because she would be mercilessly teased. Lily plots to teach her a lesson. She lets amy wear just panties knowing full well that once she has her lunch time ***** she will not be able to stop herself from peeing her panties at ******.

sure enough she is horrified to find herself uncontrollably pissing her panties in the classroom. She lets out a torrent of warm pee through her panties, down her legs and onto the floor.
just when she thinks it could not get any worse her male teacher discovers the huge puddle of pee on the floor. He immediately figures out what has happened. Angrily he pulls down her wet panties then throws her across his knee for a painful otk spanking before sending her home in disgrace.

back home lily is ironing baby clothes ready for amy to return home from ******. She hears sounds of amy opening the front door. Then she sheepishly enters the living room. Amy arrives home with her panties in a plastic bag and still wearing wet socks and shoes.

lily wants to teach amy a lesson that that she should always wear diapers and puts her over her knee for her second spanking for the day.
then she diapers her and makes her wear baby clothes.

lily checks amy's lunch box and finds she has not eaten her lunch. So lily lifts her into an adult sized high chair ties a bib on her and forcibly spoon feeds her a mashed banana left over from her lunch. Amy alternates between enjoying the banana and playing with her food just like a baby and protesting she is really an adult. The regression formula is wearing off.

lily quickly makes up a baby bottle with milk and regression powder mixed in. She ****** amy to ***** it. Amy soon becomes very babyish again.

lily then lifts up amy from the high chair and carries her into the living room and a playpen. She places her inside to play. Amy protests she is too big to be a baby in a playpen. While this is going on lily packs up ironing board and leaves the room

when lily returns amy is crying. Lily lifts her out, cuddles her and breast feeds her. Amy alternates between protesting and enjoying being cuddled. Then amy drops off to ***** in her mommy's arms.

lily carries amy, ******, into the nursery and lays her on the floor where she gently removes her baby clothes and puts her in a new and cosy footed *******. Still sound ****** lily bodily lifts her into the adult sized cot and kisses her new unwitting adult baby goodnight.