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    Diapered And Regressed 1 Car Ride

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Adult Baby TV - Diapered And Regressed  1  Car Ride

    Clip Description

    Diapered and regressed car ride

    belle picks up skye and carries her into the nursery as skye needs to be diapered now that she is going to be a baby.

    belle takes a new disposable diaper from the shelf in her nursery cupboard. Skye stirs about halfway through the change and says "?" belle responds with "of course, honey. Just taking care of my little skye." she then finishes the change, puts her in a nice dress and tells skye they are off for a car ride. While she is dressing skye they talk about what they may see during the car ride. "what does a doggy say?" asks belle. "woof woof" replies clever little skye. Skye claps her hands in excitement.

    belle walks skye to the car and straps her in the baby seat and off they go. After a while belle pulls over and changes her, and then gives her a nice long breast feed which lulls skye to a near-slumber. Belle puts in the big red pacifier and skye looks oh so comfy. So, belle turns the car around and heads for home.

    back at home belle checks skye's disposable diaper whilst still in the car. Of course it is saturated after the breast feed earlier in the car so belle carries skye inside and lays her on a change mat on the floor. She kite folds a fresh terry diaper, wipes and powders her and pins it on. Then she puts pretty pink plastic pants on over the diaper. Then belle gives her another nice long breast feed which lulls skye to a near-slumber. Belle puts in the big red pacifier and skye looks oh so comfy. Belle asks if skye would like to play outside. Skye says she loves to play outside
    belle puts skye out on the patio with her toys already there and returns inside to the kitchen.

    skye then seems confused. Why is she in a diaper? Why is she wearing baby clothes and playing with toys? She is a fully grown adult.. Isn't she??

    belle has gone inside to make a baby bottle full of milk. She returns outdoors to skye and gives her the bottle full of milk and skye eagerly drinks it all uo and feels much more like an adult baby now.

    belle wants skye to be safe so she starts to erect a playpen around her. Skye starts to throw her toys in a tantrum. She does not want to be confined to a playpen. Belle scolds skye and then skye spits the big red pacifier/dummy right at belle. That's a no-no. Time for an over-the-knee big spanking which skye is crying saying she did nothing wrong. After the spanking, belle asks if she wants another spank, and skye shakes her head no, so the looong bottle feed commences. Skye is drifting off happily sucking on the bottle. Belle decides to check the nappy. Belle says, "good ****, you're still dry. Oh wait, spoke too soon. You're wetting you're nappy right now. Too much milk for you."

    so, belle takes the half-awake skye back to the nursery for a nappy change in which skye falls ****** as it it's done.
    it has been a very big day and skye is getting very ******. Belle holds her gently rocking and says, "want to go into your cot? I'll read you a story."

    skye nods her head and belle and skye hop into the cot. Belle starts reading eventually falls ******. Belle kisses her on the forehead and leaves the room shutting off the light.

    Clip Duration:      58 minutes
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    wmv608.84 MB

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    Adult Baby TV - Diapered And Regressed  1  Car Ride

    Adult Baby TV - Diapered And Regressed  1  Car Ride

    Adult Baby TV - Diapered And Regressed  1  Car Ride

    Adult Baby TV - Diapered And Regressed  1  Car Ride

    Adult Baby TV - Diapered And Regressed  1  Car Ride

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nineteen year old teela has been invited by her old teacher to stay for a few days during her college vacation. She agreed, but reluctantly, because her teacher could be pretty boring at times.

belle had big plans however. Approaching middle age and frustrated that she could not have she hatched a plot to make teela her own. After all, she reasoned, her  did not appreciate her ******** and also never disciplined her at all. Belle knew she would be a much better and that teela would learn to appreciate her and love her as her new .

the days before teela was due to arrivebelle set up a fully furnished and kitted out nursery that would last teela many years.

this was not a temporary arrangement. Belle planned on keeping teela, who was now a young adult, in an infantile state forever.

belle would be teela's loving but strict . She would totally care for all teela's baby needs including dressing her, keeping her in diapers and changing them and also breast feeding her. She also had a full sized high chair that teela would fit in when she was old enough to be spoon fed.

but most of all, if teela was naughty she would not hesitate to give her many over-the-knee spankings. After all adultbabies need harsh discipline for her own good.

when teela is affected by the regression formula she easily slips into behaviour like a real baby. She wets her diaper many times. But sometimes it wears off a little and she remembers her adult life. Or is it a dream? But what about that adult dress, bra and panties on the floor she can see from inside her cot? They look so familiar. She is distraught and confused until her loving belle gives another soothing bottle...