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    Chloes New Neighbour Iii

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Adult Baby TV - Chloes New Neighbour Iii

    Clip Description

    ..The story to so far.. Chloe visited her new neighbour who slipped a regression powder into her cup of tea.
    we pick up the story one week later....
    early in the morning chloe **** in a crib in her neighbour's house. It has been a week since she left her apartment as an adult to introduce herself to her new neighbour. She has been kept regressed and a prisoner ever since.
    her neighbour belle heard her **** and comes into the nursery. She gives chloe a big morning hug and of course checks her diaper which is saturated. She lifts her out of the crib and changes her. Then she tells chloe she has to go to the corner store to buy baby food. She will just be a minute and chloe should be fine in her playpen where she can't reach anything dangerous.
    chloe sees belle drive off through the window. The regression formula starts to wear off and she is confused as to why she is dressed and being treated like a baby.
    she has to get out of there. Belle is crazy. She tries the window but it is barred.
    the door to the nursery has not been locked so she staggers out and through the house. She stumbles across a normal bedroom and finds her adult clothes. She had almost forgotten what they looked like.
    hurriedly she pulls off her diaper and adult baby clothes and gets dressed normally and races to the front door.
    when she gets there she finds it is barred and locked. She is distraught and angry. Suddenly belle appears outside the door. She has arrived home!
    she unlocks the door and enters and is very angry at chloe. Chloe is so confused and upset she actually pees into her jeans.
    belle tells her she is obviously not an adult but an adult baby. Only a baby would wet themselves.
    she tells chloe to stay put, strips off her clothes and diapers her right there, standing up. Then she has to grab a mop and clean the floor where chloe was standing.
    she ****** chloe back to the nursery which has become a prison to chloe. She dresses her in more baby clothes.
    belle tells chloe she must now come into the kitchen, sit in a high chair and be spoon fed. Chloe is appalled. What she does not see is belle pouring more regression powder into her food.
    chloe pushes the food away - after all, she is an adult - but when she has swallowed a few spoonfulls she regresses all over again. She eats like a baby, plays with her food like a baby and is enjoying her dinner time with her mommy.
    after her baby fruit gel belle walks her into the living room, sits on a comfy arm chair, lays her across her lap and breast feeds her. During the breast feed chloe switches back and forth from being a happy baby to being an adult ****** to be a baby.
    of course by now she has wet her diaper again and belle lifts her onto the change table remove the soggy diaper, wipe, powder and put her in a fresh new dipe.
    it is a lovely sunny day outside and belle needs to **** out laundered diapers to dry. She sets chloe up on a rug with some toys in the back yard so she can keep an eye on her. She very thoughtfully puts a cute lace bonnet on chloe to protect her from the sun.
    it has been a big day so far and chloe is ready for her afternoon nap. She takes her back to the nursery, undresses her and puts a snug footed ******* on her.
    chloe snuggles into her pillow and belle gives her a loving cuddle and kiss on her forehead. She leaves the room when chloe has dozed off. But then chloe ***** about an hour later. Is she really a baby? Was she ever an adult? Is this a bad dream or is this for real - for ever?

    Clip Duration:      54 minutes
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    Adult Baby TV - Chloes New Neighbour Iii

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