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    Chloes New Neighbour 4

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Adult Baby TV - Chloes New Neighbour 4

    Clip Description

    Amy is concerned she has not seen her friend chloe for a few days and has taken to knocking on door's showing the neighbours chloe's photo.
    kindly belle invites her in to calm her down. When belle excuses herself and leaves the room suspicious amy snoops around and finds what appears to be some of chloe's clothes. She covers them up again when belle returns.

    they chat some more then belle says she has to attend to something in a room at the back of the house and for amy to wait. After a short while amy hears belle call out would she fetch a diaper from the hall cupboard and bring it to her.

    surprised at belle's familiarity amy finds the diapers and is amazed at how big it is. Way too big for a baby. But it does smell nicely like a baby and amy puts it up to her nose and breathes in the scent. She feels a little light headed then suddenly realises she is sucking her thumb.

    amy heads off to the back room and finds belle in an odd nursery with outsized baby furniture kneeling on the floor behind a change mat. She is confused but even more so when belle says the diaper is for her!!
    amy is getting stressed out but belle has a secret weapon. Diapers impregnated with a regression ************ substance. She ****** amy to breath deeply through another diaper.

    amy has a sudden urge to pee and races off to find a toilet. She gets to the bathroom but no toilet so she panics, pulls off her tights and stands in the bath still with her panties on and lets go a massive stream of warm pee. All down her legs and into the bath. She is shocked, horrified and embarrassed! No bladder control. Just like a baby!!

    belle comes into the bathroom knowing full well what effect breathing through the diaper has had. She soothes amy and wipes her clean then takes carries her on her hip back to the nursery to diaper her an put her in baby clothes.

    amy asks for a sandwich for lunch so belle knows amy needs another hit of baby scented diaper. Then amy is more than content to be breast fed. It feels perfectly normal and comforting to her as she nods off when she has a full tummy.

    after she ***** belle carries her into the main room and lifts her into a high chair and spoon feeds her. Amy loves the baby food and loves playing in it more. Then, of course, she wets her diaper and needs to be changed and put into fresh baby clothes

    when belle leaves the room for a minute little amy finds chloe's clothes again. But this time she has regressed so deep she is oblivious to their true meaning and sees them as just some things to dress her plush pussy cat in.

    belle sees amy is not concerned about the clothes so she knows the regression ************ substance is working really well.
    then it is time to be dressed in a cosy footed *******, be given a baby bottle and carried off to the cot for the night. Another ****** for chloe's new neighbour.

    Clip Duration:      60 minutes
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    Adult Baby TV - Chloes New Neighbour 4

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