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    Back To Babyhood

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    Adult Baby TV - Back To Babyhood

    Clip Description

    Two young women get together and reminisce about the fun times they had when they were babies together.

    melanie agrees to ***** over but when she ***** next morning she discovers she had ***** too much and wet the bed. She thinks it is a huge joke and calls in belle to see for herself.

    belle, who lives in the house her ****** left her in her will, said that her ****** still has the original nursery from years ago. Wouldn't it be fun if she was melanie's mommy and diapered her and babied her?

    melanie thinks that is a great idea so they both head into the nursery for a full day of adult baby fun. Towards evening belle wishes she was a baby too so she regresses as well and they both curl up together in the cot for the night.

    Clip Duration:      60 minutes
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    wmv630.4 MB

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    Adult Baby TV - Back To Babyhood

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she plays with you and your toys for a while in the nursery then checks your diaper to find it saturated.

she chastises you for that then she unpins the dipe and moves it away from your cock and balls. She is a real fox getting a great view of her tits down her dress starts giving you an erection
but you know that is a no no and you will get into big trouble if she sees you are aroused.
but she is such a tease she continues to wipe your cock slowly up and down, all the time chastising you for getting hard. 
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still looking at you with her sexy eyes she slowly rubs baby powder all up and down your shaft. It feels amazing but you know getting hard is so very wrong and you will be punished.
finally she puts a clean diaper on you and you can relax.
but then she wants to breast feed you. She undoes her maternity bra exposing her dd eighteen yo milk filled breasts

she places a nipple in your mouth for you to suck on. You are so hard and about to explode when she rubs her hand  over your diaper covered cockonce again verbally abuses you  for getting hard and gives it a slap.She also very sexily spoons you baby food. One for you and one for her goes  in between her sensuous lips.
you get into even more trouble for playing with her other exposed breast. She says it is naughty and wrong but you know she gets her kicks teasing you... What a slutty babysitter.