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Kinky Clothes
The Homewrecker Strikes No Way Out Blackmail

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Mistress Ava Black - The Homewrecker Strikes No Way Out Blackmail

Clip Description

Well look what we have here...

You got yourself carried away once that nubbin of yours got all excited didn't you? Thought when you wandered all over the internet you didn't leave breadcrumbs scattered everywhere you went?

Well you did!

And for those of us who can be bothered to follow the trail it was a very interesting one. Not least of all because you follow me a lot... You know, with that 'secret' account that you use from the same frikking ISP loser!

But also because I now also have some pretty juicy information on you and your loving little home. That gem of innocence that you would do anything to protect.


That is exactly what I want to test out now.

Because instead of asking yourself what you could possibly give me for my silence I think you really ought to be asking yourself what WOULDN'T you give?

After all I have been known to be a bit reckless when the mood takes me. You know that right?

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Mistress Ava Black - The Homewrecker Strikes No Way Out Blackmail

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