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Shrunken Human Dildo Full Clip

Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

Mistress Ava Black - Shrunken Human Dildo  Full Clip

Clip Description

Includes - giantess - femdom pov - giantess - slave training - shrinking - shrinking fetish - foot fetish - foot domination - huge feet - crush - fetish - inserted as a dildo - used as a sex toy

You are Mistress's new Domestic slave in training. But training is definitely something you are greatly lacking. After being left for hours to your own devices the house is still a mess! And the gardening hasn't been touched at all!

Mistress is furious! She goes looking for you but can't find you! You cheeky sod!

When she finally catches up with you she finds you lounging around like you're on holiday. When she asks you what you've been doing all this time your answers don't amuse her!

She's so fed up with you that she's not willing to listen to your lies anymore. She found the porn on your phone and guessed you were otherwise tied up instead of doing your work.

You're no use to her so she pulls out a magic powder and blows it in your face!

You feel yourself shrinking rapidly and, before you can help it you are the size of a mouse!

Shock and horror fill you but Mistress pins you down!

Bet you didn't know that she came from a long line of African voodoo Princesses didn't you? Too late for you... She's decided that she's going to make you useful one way or the other.

Maybe you would be more amusing as a crushed bit of slave? Mmm, she finds this amusing. As she slowly presses down on your now very frail bones she licks her lips at how easily she could snap you in half!

You always said you felt so small in her presence. You probably never realised just how true that statement was did you?

Now even her feet could completely cover you and squish you like a bug!

The fear on your tiny face just makes your Mistress giggle! Such a shame that you were pathetic as a Domestic slave. You might have a new calling as a jester!

She thinks she wants to have a bit more fun with you though. Just before you know.... she ends you!

Seeing as you were watching porn already you must be nice and horny right now huh?

You know Mistress sometimes has sex slaves. And she's feeling a bit frisky now herself. She wonders whether you would be any use as a sex slave now you are so small...

She lies on the couch and hitches her skirt up. You try to escape but your tiny limbs are no match for Mistress's vice-like grip.

Maybe she will try and put that tiny cock of yours inside her pussy...

Mmm... no

Too small.

Ah, you are just about the right size if she slides you in feet first....



That feels good.

Oh! Your wriggling and kicking is only making her more excited! Keep doing that, but don't kick too hard. She might lose her grip then you'd slip right into the folds of her slippery wet cunt. There would be no saving you then would there....?

In and out, in and out...

She slides you into her pussy.

Her breathing is getting heavier now. She is enjoying herself too much!

Oh! She wants to put you all in now! The ultimate insertion! Even your head! She slides you in as far as you will go, and you feel darkness engulf you as you slide into that warm dark hole forever....

Clip Duration:      22 minutes
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mp4836.31 MB

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Mistress Ava Black - Shrunken Human Dildo  Full Clip

Mistress Ava Black - Shrunken Human Dildo  Full Clip

Mistress Ava Black - Shrunken Human Dildo  Full Clip

Mistress Ava Black - Shrunken Human Dildo  Full Clip

Mistress Ava Black - Shrunken Human Dildo  Full Clip

Mistress Ava Black - Shrunken Human Dildo  Full Clip

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