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  • Under Control 1
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    Kinky Clothes
    Wicked Surprise 2

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Domina Kates Palace of Sin - Wicked Surprise 2

    Clip Description

    The captive soon discovers that the clinic is actually a most remarkable laboratory in which lady kate makes him a guinea pig for her sadistic experiments. Taboos are there for the breaking. She is happy to share her precious treasures; she has so much to add to his life. Her tender loving care of his love buttons soon has him resigning with a quavering whimper to his fate. Ah, but the best is yet to come. Nobody escapes her.


    sie benutzt ihn als versuchskaninchen für ihre sadistischen experimente und bricht tabus. Es kommen viele schmerzhafte gemeinheiten auf ihn und sein bestes stück zu und alsbald wird er sich auch seinem schicksal fügen, denn ihr entrinnt keiner.

    Clip Duration:      36 minutes
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    wmv830.51 MB

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    Domina Kates Palace of Sin - Wicked Surprise 2

    Domina Kates Palace of Sin - Wicked Surprise 2

    Domina Kates Palace of Sin - Wicked Surprise 2

    Domina Kates Palace of Sin - Wicked Surprise 2

    Domina Kates Palace of Sin - Wicked Surprise 2

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    Extremely Tubed 1 - Domina kate is never in a hurry. She has given her latest quarry plenty of time to ponder his new life in his comfy cage – almost an eternity in fact – ample time to shudder over the insidious things she has in store for him. Ah, but how could his paltry imagination ever prepare him for the full reality of lady kate. When she finally ushers him into her clinic, she will be taking him far beyond the limits of his wildest dreams. Today, the enterprising domina has decided to fit out her rubber-clad slavechen in her complete line of all-purpose tubing, but not until she has paid those lonely neglected nipples the attention they deserve. Then she fills him to the brim with precious fluid, slaking his burning thirst “in reverse”. After such kindness, imagine his *********** as she settles on her regal throne to watch him squirm as she drains him to the bone. The truth will out!


extrem verschlaucht 1

domina kate hat ihr opfer schon eine ewigkeit im käfig schmoren lassen, damit er sich in gedanken die perfidesten dinge ausmalen kann. Als sie ihn endlich in die klinik bringt, kann er noch nicht ahnen, dass das was gleich passiert, seine vorstellungen weit übersteigt. Denn domina kate wird ihren gummierten sklaven komplett verschlauchen nachdem sie ihn fixiert und sich an seinen nippeln ausgelassen hat. Er bekommt einen großen einlauf und muss sich bis auf die knochen gedemütigt vor ihr entleeren....

    Wicked Surprise 1 - Domina kate goes out on the prowl and lures an unsuspecting young man into her lair. Feeling dead sure of his conquest, he thinks he’s in seventh heaven; but as the latch clicks shut behind him, the plot takes a wee little turn. Instead of opening her blouse, kate unveils her boxing skills and scores a first round knockout. When he comes to much much later, he finds himself ever so nicely gift wrapped, spread-eagled and ready for special therapy in the bright, welcoming clinic of the palace of sin. His capable, enchanting therapist has some good news for him. His condition is incurable, which means his therapy will last forever and ever.


domina kate war aus und kommt mit einem ahnungslosen jungen mann zurück. Der wähnt sich schon im 7. Himmel. Aber als die tür hinter ihm zugeht und er sich seiner schönen beute sicher ist, dreht sich der wind. Er wird von domina kate ohnmächtig geboxt. Als er wieder erwacht, findet er sich gefessetlt, gespreizt und präpariert in einem hellen raum wieder. Schnell stellt sich heraus, dass er in die klinik des palace of sin gebracht wurde, in der er nun eine sehr lange zeit ohne möglichkeiten zur flucht von dieser faszinierenden frau behandelt wird....

    Extremely Tubed 2 - But the fun has only just begun. Now that he’s had a proper spring cleaning, she might as well get him really spiffed up and hose down his “temple” from a few more neglected slots. Lady kate is by no means short of the necessary equipment, and she knows all the proper techniques: an elongated catheter here, a bit of expert fisting there and before he knows it he’ll be ready to welcome a seemingly endless pharyngeal tube all the way to the pit of his stomach. Now we’re talking! (But not him.) As always, the generous hostess can offer ample quantities of her finest champagne to help slither this gourmet delight in to where it can do the most good. It’s time to give full rein to her deepest desires and do the job like never before. Spring cleaning will never be the same again.


extrem verschlaucht 2

so gut vorbereitet kann sie ihn nun nach lust und laune verschlauchen. Und sie hat große lust auf katheter, fisting und einen riesigen schlundschlauch in seinem mund...

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