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    Manure Heap

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Baroness Bijou - Riding Mistress - Manure Heap

    Clip Description

    Today it will be very dirty!!! Slave werner should tidy up manure heap that he can clean after this stable again. But as riding mistress bijou came to control she must see, that he hasn't make anything much. To punishment he had to feel switch and would ***** with pitchfork to lay on manure heap. There his mistress tramples him and then he had to lick her dirty riding boots and finally to eat horse apples.

    Clip Duration:      9 minutes
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    Baroness Bijou - Riding Mistress - Manure Heap

    Baroness Bijou - Riding Mistress - Manure Heap

    Baroness Bijou - Riding Mistress - Manure Heap

    Baroness Bijou - Riding Mistress - Manure Heap

    Baroness Bijou - Riding Mistress - Manure Heap

    Baroness Bijou - Riding Mistress - Manure Heap

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    Stable Slave 2 - Slave chris expected his mistress at stable, who reaches this one after some times in order to punish him. Half-naked she hogtied him in a horsebox and give him a whipping. Ongoing she unfixes bonds again, tramples with her riding-boots atop of him, let lick her boots and sit on his face.

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    Stable Slave - Riding mistress bijou wants convince herself, that her slave makes his job thorough.
but she must see that she has sit down in horse apples. Because of this her slave
had to pay heavily. She sits down on slaves face and so he had to lick her ass. 
after that he must clean boots of his mistress…