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    Hogtied Ii

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    BrendasBound Bondage And Orgasm Store - Hogtied Ii

    Clip Description

    With unique sub

    in 1280x720x3000kbps high quality hd for a stunning clear download.

    bondage, bdsm, damsel in distress, rope bondage, cat suite, big tits, hogtied, hogtie, breast bondage, nipple clamps, suspension, blond, long hair, high heels, milf, ball gag, cotton rope, tanned, hair tie

    unique came to play. She had all kinds of ideas for me to try. One was a super tight hogtie made into a suspension. I told her sounds good let's do it. The one thing I did different was put her in the brutally tight hogtie first. Then lifted her. She kept her form completely. Once up I add clover clamps and tried to tie them of but her breast was so tight they wouldn't stay. I took care of that problem with my new evil black clamps. They aren't coming off and show no mercy as they dig into her soft nipples. This was a super hard long tie. Unique is as tough as they come.

    unique is available for custom video work. Contact me at brendabound********** to get yours today.

    (clip is 28:41 in duration)

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    brought to you by brendasbound productions

    Clip Duration:      29 minutes
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    wmv284.25 MB

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    BrendasBound Bondage And Orgasm Store - Hogtied Ii

    BrendasBound Bondage And Orgasm Store - Hogtied Ii

    BrendasBound Bondage And Orgasm Store - Hogtied Ii

    BrendasBound Bondage And Orgasm Store - Hogtied Ii

    BrendasBound Bondage And Orgasm Store - Hogtied Ii

    BrendasBound Bondage And Orgasm Store - Hogtied Ii

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i was out the other evening with some friends and had met this guy. He was cute and I kinda liked him. When I told him I was a fetish model he was really intrigued. We were talking about different fetishes and he told me he liked bastinado and falaka I was a little nervous and didn't no what that was. He explained it to me and thought wow this guy is more kinky then I was. Later that night I took him to my place and was showing him my studio. He asked me if I was interested in doing a little bastinado with him. I had never done it so I wanted to try. I soon found out that this guy was well skilled in these categories and he told me if I was to be with him I would learn to be his bastinado and falaka slave. I did really like this guy so I gave it a shoot. He told me at the end that I had done real good and he was very happy with me. We are still together!!!

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