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    Hitachi Cock

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    BrendasBound Bondage And Orgasm Store - Hitachi Cock

    Clip Description

    Featuring brenda bound of http://****brendasbound**** with her slave lee

    brenda had a request from a dear friend to turn the hitachi on him. She new how much the hitachi got him off so thought this was perfect. Men love to ***** women to get off so now it was his turn. After some extreme teasing I vet wrapped the hitachi to his cock turned it on and just left it on him to ****** the cum from his dick with no way to stop it.

    Clip Duration:      12 minutes
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    wmv82.94 MB

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    BrendasBound Bondage And Orgasm Store - Hitachi Cock

    BrendasBound Bondage And Orgasm Store - Hitachi Cock

    BrendasBound Bondage And Orgasm Store - Hitachi Cock

    BrendasBound Bondage And Orgasm Store - Hitachi Cock

    BrendasBound Bondage And Orgasm Store - Hitachi Cock

    BrendasBound Bondage And Orgasm Store - Hitachi Cock

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    He Exploded - Featuring slave lee with brenda bound of http://****brendasbound****

 chicken winged and frog bound with vet wrap. Tied spread out on a metal bed frame. Gagged and cock strained all for her enjoyment. She ****** him to explode before it was time. Now that poor cock will pay for that!!!

    Cock Control - Featuring brenda bound of http://****brendasbound**** and her slave lee.

      lee had been doing well with his services for mistress brenda like most slaves they fuck up from time to time. He just completely disobeyed a direct order from the mistress. So it was time to teach this little bitch a lesson on cock control. Teased,denied and then ****** to cum.

    Hitachi Milking - Featuring slave lee and brenda bound of http://****brendasbound****

    my mistress had a friend tell her about what she did to her slave last night. She vet wrapped an hitachi to his cock and left him there. When I arrived home that evening after running errands for my mistress she had decided that this would be a surprise for me. She tied me down to a coffee table with my balls tied a lot tighter then normal. Then she brings the hitachi and vet wrap out. She vet wrapped the hitachi very tight to my cock. I didn't no what to expect out of this. The one thing to no about all this is her hitachi was broke and all it had was off and high. After getting everything in place she turned it on and sat back and just read a book and let me suffer. Let me tell you if you have never had this done it is the most intense thing you could ever have done to you. There is know no way to relieve the pressure and no way to stop it. It brought me to an extreme orgasm that would not stop. My mistress just left the vibrator on me to milk out every drop. She was not done there though. She takes of the hitachi and gives a an extreme hand job until I just couldn't keep it hard no more. For me this was my most extreme milking I have ever had.

    Tickled And Vibrated To Ejaculation - Featuring slave lee with mistress brenda bound
a fun video request from a dear friend at lee;s expense. He wanted to see lee completely mummified with only his cock,balls and feet exposed. I was to attach a vibrator to his junk and turn it on. At the same time he asked that I tickled lee's feet until he came. Now after his ejaculation I was to return to his feet with the hitachi still on and tickle his feet until he gave in. The sensitivity of the male body after ejaculation is very high and this is way more then most men can handle.
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    Zip Tied And  To Cum - Featuring slave lee and mistress brenda bound of http://****brendasbound****

slave lee had been cleaning up the play room for mistress while she was getting ready to go out with the *****. When he was done before mistress left she zip tied him standing up with his hands cuffed to the top of the rack. She made him wait there till she returned home for his reward for doing such a good job on the play room. When she returned the first thing mistress did was take her sweaty panties off and shove them in his mouth. Because what she was getting ready to do to him was ***** him to explode his cum all over. She didn't want the neighbors to here him whine like a little ****.

    Brenda Nails Ivey - With brenda bound and ivy lace

in 1280x720x3000kbps high quality hd.

after doing a couple bondage video's ivy saw a weird looking chair in the corner. She couldn't help but to ask what that was. I am glad you asked I said. Better yet let me show you. I drag the chair out and tell her to get on. Yes your going for a ride and I am going to nail like never before.

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brought to you by brendasbound productions

    Warming Her Up - Featuring brenda bound of http://****brendasbound****

        after a hard day of bondage brenda wanted to do a orgasm scene. I said that sounds good but she needed warmed up first. After some thought I new what to do. I **** her by a crotch rope. Cunt busting stile. This would get that clit nice and sensitive for the hitachi. After ******* and humping the rope for a while I allowed her to have the orgasm. The funniest thing about this was I made her do it herself.

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    Cock Nailed - Featuring mistress brenda of http://****brendasbound**** with her new boy toy

mistress brenda had gotten herself a new boy toy and wanted to see how he could handle cock teasing. He was plastic wrapped to a large platform with only his cock and balls exposed for mistress to torment and play with.She uses am electric paddle on the head of his cock which really brings up the sensitivity. She finally gets to use her new steel nails on the all ready sensitive cock after the electric paddle. To top things of she tapes an hitachi to the head of his cock and attachés it to the ceiling pulling his cock straight up and completely exposes his balls. With the nails and the vibrator was just to much for him. He shoots his wad without permission. Mistress brenda tells him he better suck the cum back in there but he just can't do it. So she just leaves him there to suffer with the hitachi on high and his after ejaculation sensitivity at his highest.

    Roped And Stroked - Featuring slave lee and mistress brenda bound of http://****brendasbound****

after a two weeks of ruined and denied orgasm's slave lee had been extra good for mistress in hopes to finally relieve himself. Mistress brenda seen this and allowed him his release he so needed. But he was only allowed this after one more torment. Lee was tied to a pole and gagged with a large ball gag. Then mistress vet wrapped his head to the pole then used tape for extra security. She then teases his junk until he was about to ooze all over his self. She then ties a long thin cord to the head of his cock and secures it to the ceiling. Now she begins to stroke his cock with no mercy. She knows he is about to loose it but keeps going until he is so swollen with ***** he looks like he is going to pop anytime. At that point she removes the cord and gives him the release he needed