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    He Got Milked

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    BrendasBound Bondage And Orgasm Store - He Got Milked

    Clip Description

    Featuring slave lee

    lee is really going to get his this time. Mistress brenda tapes him to the orgasm chair for his all out milking session. This is his first milking. After a hard orgasm he always wants to stop cause he is so sensative he can't take it. Not this time lee is going to get miked if he likes it or not. Mistress brenda uses her hands, her sharp finger nails lee's pocket pussy and her vibrator to get out every drop. The only time the camara was stoped was to change camara angles. It is uncut and unedited just all out milking.

    Clip Duration:      19 minutes
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    wmv127.29 MB

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    BrendasBound Bondage And Orgasm Store - He Got Milked

    BrendasBound Bondage And Orgasm Store - He Got Milked

    BrendasBound Bondage And Orgasm Store - He Got Milked

    BrendasBound Bondage And Orgasm Store - He Got Milked

    BrendasBound Bondage And Orgasm Store - He Got Milked

    BrendasBound Bondage And Orgasm Store - He Got Milked

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    Hand Job Surprise - She surprises her slave for being such a good pet with a bound hand job it's just not the kind he thought it would be. He gets straped to a cross and mistress brenda puts tie straps on his junk to prolong his madness. After tieing a rope to the end of his dick she uses it for a jump rope. She then ties the rope to a hook on the cieling to stand him straight up. She strokes his junk hard and slow to drive him crazy.He gets so hard that he can't control his self

    Chair Bound - Brenda was being a smart ass one night and tried to take a 10 min challenge to untie herself. She really thought she could get out of a simi frog tie in a chair. She does preatty good until she get's to the arm binder. Let's see what happen's.						

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    Belted And  To Cum - Slave lee is belted to brenda's suspension rack for a little pay back. Brenda plays with his junk and ****** him to get off. Then she keeps stroking him till he begs her to stop.

    Cock Tickled And  To Cum - Featuring brenda bound and her pet slave lee

       a request I had from a very special fan. He wanted to see slave lee bound and helpless. His cock tickled and ****** till he came. So I plastic wrapped him to a large board with only his junk exposed for me to torment. I added zip ties to really secure him. With a large ball gag and his head plastic wrapped to the board he wasn't going anywhere for a while. I tickled the head of his cock and his balls for a while and switched back and forth from long hard strokes to very easy strokes. He was about to loose his mind and thats when I turned to the hitachi. The vibration on his cock with the added tickle ******* to the cock head was to much for him. The only thing was I was in control and made him take every bit of it. He was so scared to cum knowing what was next.

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    Crotch Roped Suspension - Featuring enchantress sahyre

i call this a crotch rope suspension. It was funny she had know idea that I was going to do this. She thought by useing a crotch rope it would help take some pressure of her arms. Now she realizes that it took the pressure off by put the pressure on her crotch now that she was **** upside down by her poor little kitty. Suspended,zipties,nipple clamps and wieghts. She got the whole deal

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    Hitachi Training - Belted to her suspension rack in a fishnet stocking. Her nipples are so hard they poke though her fishnet. Brenda had always wanted to have her hitachi strapped to her to see how long she could take it. With the control put in her husbands hands all she could do is take it. Drooling and begging for it to stop was exciting to see. Her begging and pleading was a sight to see.

    He Exploded - Featuring slave lee with brenda bound of http://****brendasbound****

 chicken winged and frog bound with vet wrap. Tied spread out on a metal bed frame. Gagged and cock strained all for her enjoyment. She ****** him to explode before it was time. Now that poor cock will pay for that!!!

    Hand Job And Deniel - He was told to stop messing around in the dungeon when his mistress wasn't home. This time she had enough and takes matters into her own hands. She puts him on a suspeneion rack and teases his tied cock and brings him to ejaculation over and over and denies his release. He begs her to let him get off knowing when he does she will make it worse. His cock is so sensative it is tourcher whan she turns up the teasing to the head of his cock.

    Caught Again - Featuring brenda bound of http://****brendasbound**** and her slave lee

       once again he goes out when he isn't supposed to. Lee gets caught messing around with another women and mistress brenda is pissed. She shows him who's cock belongs to who. Nipple clamped,clothes pins and milked dry with a hard hand job from hell.

    Hannah Sweet First Time Bound - I wanted to welcome the very sexy hannah sweet to the http://****brendasbound**** family.

 hannah is so beautiful. When she asked me about being bound and helpless I couldn't help but not to show her. The one thing she found out about the expierence is that she loves it and wants to come back and play. I started her out in a strappado and right into a hogtied she looks so amazing.

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    The Sexy Eskimo - Featuring brenda bound

          she was invited over for a halloween party. Brenda went out and got a little sexy eskimo costume. She kinda liked the guy that invited her over so she didn't ware any underware for the party. When she arrived at the house something just didn't seem right. There was know cars there yet but it was still early. So she went up to the door and her friend awnsered and invited her in. Turns out there was know party at all brenda was the party. Come to find out this guy was a real creep and brenda finds herself bound and in trouble with just her then eskimo costume to protect her. The guy has his way with her. He ties her in all differant positions and exposes her private parts and there was nothing she could do to stop him.	 

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    Bound In Leather - Brenda was bound in leather to show her inderance. Watch her struggle as the bind's control her movement and the 2.5 inch gag keeps her from speaking. All she can do is struggle for are amusement.						

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    Nails And Vibrations - With brenda bound and lee

in 1280x720x3000kbps high quality hd.

mistress brenda had just got her nails done. What a better way to try them out. By using them on a hard cock. The sensation is over whelming. With her expertise hands she brings him to the edge several times. Now it was time to turn up the fun a bit. Just when the head of his cock is the most sensitive she brakes out the hitachi. Edging him even closer. In the end she tapes the hitachi to his cock and just leaves it there. Knowing he will have the most agonizing orgasm's draining his balls of every drop.

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    Cock Box - With brenda bound and lee

in 1280x720x3000kbps hd.

he had been messing up for days now and brenda had enough. A friend of hers was a carpenter and she had a special box in mind to have made. She told the guy what she wanted and he said no problem he could build it. She gave him his height and weight and about what size she wanted it. She had locks added for extra security to make sure he was not getting out. Brenda just kept quit about everything until the call came one night. The box was done and her friend delivered it for her. She told lee to go out in the garage and get her new toy and bring it in. He lays it down on the floor and is ordered to strip. He thought it was just a confinement box until brenda uncovers the hole in it. She tells him to lay down and stuff your cock and balls in the hole. It didn't take long for him realize what was getting ready to happen. She belts his legs together and puts a hood over his head. When she closed the top part of the box it was really tight on him making it hard to breath. Now he couldn't see or move at all and his cock was hers for the taking with no way to stop her.

brenda had just got her nails done and they was very sharp. She starts with a nice tease to bring up the sensitivity level. Then she gets out the toys. If you have ever had a hair brush used on your dick at its highest level of sensitivity you would loose your mind. Now she was ready to have some fun. She put a l bracket against his cock and taped it in place. Making his cock stand straight up so she could focus on the head only. All he could do was just moan with agony at the sensation and she was just getting started.

the next thing blew his mind. Brenda heated up the baby oil bottle in the microwave. She gives him a long hard hand job stopping just short of his orgasm. This went on for a while over and over until he just about gets off. Now lee is completely spent. His mind begs for release. His cock is so hard it aches with anticipation. His balls was full and the pre cum just drips from his cock. Brenda knew he was close and loved keeping him there. Next her favorite toy comes out and he hears it. The hitachi!!! With expert precision she starts and stops it over and over. At this point lee is shaking, his mind gone, every once of energy lost. Then the hitachi is switched on for the last time making him blow his giant wade in a puddle of ***********. Not being able to move. Not being able to thrust the orgasm it just dripped and flowed from his cock until every drop was drained form his balls. Then brenda just quietly wipes her hands of and leaves him there for the night.

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brought to you by brendasbound productions

    Brendas Bound Orgasms - Featuring brenda bound of http://****brendasbound****

bound and ****** to orgasm. Brenda endures several ****** o's when he says it is ok to get off but only when he says.She is bent backwards over a bench her legs tied to the legs. Her hitachi is straped to the bench and there is no way to get of it. She does squirm around enough to losen the rope to lift off her hitachi but he takes care of that. He holds the vibrator himself making it worse on her.

    Suspended 101 - Featuring brenda bound

from the studio's of eric cain and http://****futilestruggles****.

 I was at a video shoot with eric. In between sets me and my producer was playing around and did a suspension. I was always scared about it but did it anyway. Upside down hands tied to the floor with a crotch rope holding me still. To take my mind off the sospension he tied up my tits and put nipple clamps on them with heavy locks. It hurt so bad I didn't even worry about my predicament of being suspended.

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    She Will Pay For That - Featuring jj plush of http://****borntobebound**** and brenda bound of http://****brendasbound****

brenda and her boyfriend tony of gotcuffs**** had some construction work going on at there new studio. When he got of work he found brenda being tied up under a rack by jj. Someone told her that brenda was whoring around with her boyfriend. Tony knew that was not true because brenda was with him when jj thought it happened.Tony grabbed jj and hand cuffed her to the rack to untie brenda. They make jj pay for her actions. Tony and brenda tie up jj for the construction workers that come in the morning. Brenda stuffs a large red ball gag in her mouth so no one would here her cry out. They pulled her up by those big boobs and just left her there for the guys. When the workres arrived the next morning they got the surprise of there life. Jj pleads to be let go with know help. The constrution workers was going to have a fun day at work. They really make her pay.

just one of the many videos available to members at ****brendasbound**** for one low price!

    The Mistresses Extreme Handjob - Fearturing mistress brenda,mistress mistirxmse and slave lee

           just the extreme nature of this video is amazing.We first wrapped him up with only his junk exposed for our pleasure. We tied his cock and balls with a ball of twine. Then slapped and teased his cock till it was rock hard. We added shock bands to his junk and teased the the head of his cock till he about unloaded but that was out of the question. We was just getting started. Then came the vibrator. Two mistresses, shcok bands,the hitachi on top of the extreme hand job this guy was about to ******** from all the differant sensations. This had to be one of the biggest loades he ever shot. We kept him at this high state of erection for about an hour.

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