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    Glovedsub Caressed While Sedated

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Glove Fetish Montreal - Glovedsub Caressed While Sedated

    Clip Description

    Glovedsub gets caressed by goddess starla while being kept ******.

    glovedsub is blindfolded and handcuffed on the bed. Goddess starla wearing long opera length satin gloves keeps him ***********. She uses her gloves to caress his face and his leather gloved hands. She will not let him escape. Very sensual video.

    Clip Duration:      6 minutes
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    wmv92.24 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Glove Fetish Montreal - Glovedsub Caressed While Sedated

    Glove Fetish Montreal - Glovedsub Caressed While Sedated

    Glove Fetish Montreal - Glovedsub Caressed While Sedated

    Glove Fetish Montreal - Glovedsub Caressed While Sedated

    Glove Fetish Montreal - Glovedsub Caressed While Sedated

    Glove Fetish Montreal - Glovedsub Caressed While Sedated

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    Goddess Starla Captures  Glovedsub - Goddess starla captures glovedsub.  She puts on her long black leather gloves and then prepares her ****** rag.  She approches glovedsub and puts him under.  She then caresses his face, handgags him with her gloves and slaps him a bit.  She regularely sedates him and repeats the treatment with different pair of gloves.

    Black Satin Gloves Tickling - Mistress julie simone wearing long black satin gloves pushed glovedsub on the bed and starts tying him up. She needs information from him and will do what she needs to get the information. She puts glovedsub in an inescapable hogtie. Once he's immobilised she starts tickling him to obtain the information she wants. She also handgags him with her satin gloves. He finally gives her the info and she leaves him tied up on the bed.

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    Feet Tickling Ordeal - Glovedsub is tied to the chair and blindfolded. Mistress sugah is sitting on the bench beside his feet. She's wearing red satin gloves and is preparing her tickling tools. She grabs one of his feet and start using the tickler on it. She also uses her gloves to tickle his feet. She then changes her red gloves for purples ones. Again she grabs his feet and tickles them intensely she pulls out a hair brush out of her boots and continues to torment glovedsub.

    The Home Invasion - The masked intruder breaks in jack's home to find money and some more. He's ******** on the couch when she surprises him with a chloroformed soaked cloth. She takes control of him and puts him to *****. She then ties him up. She's wearing some nice boots and short gloves and a thin leather coat. During the video he gets chloroformed multiple times. She also smothers him. She also pinches his nipples when he doesn't answer her questions. A great video from an actual session.