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    Adult Baby TV - The Clinic

    Clip Description

    24 year old belle has ***** up horrified she has wet the bed for the third time this week. She has had enough of this embarrassment and phones the clinic for an appointment.

    when in the waiting room she spurns the magazines and takes more than normal interest in the play pen and kids toys that have been placed there for mommies to place their babies.

    nurse bridget asks belle if she has had any odd behaviour and she admits to sucking her thumb and eating tinned baby food.

    bridget has not come across these symptoms before but insists she diaper belle to at least prevent any embarrassing day time accidents.

    the nurse bridget leaves to consult her colleagues and returns with the theory that belle is regressing and for the benefit of her mental health she should not resist.

    belle is horrified at the thought but her nurse is insistent that she should be babied and treated like a baby at the clinic even if that means sitting in the play pen in front of everyone else in the waiting room.

    after initiating belle to all things babyish, such as having her diaper changed, eating in a high chair and being breast fed she leaves belle for an afternoon nap ion the play pen.

    back in her office she receives an email from a colleague to say that poor belle's regression condition is permanent.

    Clip Duration:      60 minutes
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    Adult Baby TV - The Clinic

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    Regression Revenge - Officer lily is from the government child protection agency. She has come to investigate belle's home because neighbours have reported sounds of babies yelling, severe spanking and crying.

lily arrives at the house and walks past belle's car on her way to the front door. The car is unlocked so she looks inside and sees a baby car seat. She writes down number plate.

belle answers the door and lily starts to question her. Belle, who has been kidnapping adults and regressing them with a special formula, is very agitated but insists there are no babies in her home. Lily shows her search warrant and proceeds to search the premises.

officer lily finds a nursery complete with cot , diapers, toys all sorts of baby items. In a cupboard she discovers a medical drip with a strange solution still in the bag.
she also finds manacles attached to the cot rails.

moving into the kitchen she sees an adult sized high chair and finds regression powder and diuretics in a cupboard. As she writes all this down she says to herself "this woman is obviously lying through her teeth. There is ample evidence of babies being here."

she returns to the living room with formulas and diuretics and handcuffs belle while arresting her on suspicion of kidnapping and regressing *****. Belle insists regressions formula is for her own use. Lily says "ok, lets try them on you". Belle protests, makes excuses and struggles. Officer lily ****** belle to swallow diuretic from a baby bottle then leaves belle handcuffed on the floor and goes off to search some more.

while lily is in another part of the house belle wets her pants. "oh no, it can't be happening to me". Lily returns and sees belle has wet herself. "so, how do you like that then! How does that feel to not have control over your bladder just like a baby?" she yells at belle. Belle retorts "you can't do this to me. I will report you to your superiors". "only if you get the chance and I don't think that is going to happen any time soon. A few more doses of regression formula and you won't be doing anything a baby cannot do." replies lily.

lily heads off to the nursery and returns with change bag and pacifier. She rams the pacifier in belle's mouth and tapes it over so she cannot spit it out. Then she diapers belle.

belle is shocked and stunned. This is so wrong - she is being regressed. Surely officer lily is not permitted to exact revenge on her like this! But lily presses on regardless and spends the rest of a very long day giving belle a dose of her own medicine. Treating her just like a baby and keeping her dosed up on regression formula and diuretics to make her pee. Lily even manacles belle inside the cot and inserts the regression drip in her arm. Belle is mortified!