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    Chloes New Neighbour Ii

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Adult Baby TV - Chloes New Neighbour Ii

    Clip Description

    Chloe has ***** from a very vivid nightmare in a strange bed. She dreamt she had ****** to be an adult baby by her new neighbour.
    shortly after she **** there was a knock at the bedroom door and in walked the same neighbour she had visited the afternoon before. Belle explains that chloe had taken quite ill so she put her to bed in her own room.

    chloe told belle about her weird adult baby dream but. Of course, belle just scoffed "it was only a dream".

    belle offers chloe a nice cup of tea that she has secretly laced with a strange powder
    after drinking the tea chloe feels very woozy again and can hardly move her body.

    then, to her horror, she pees her panties in belle's bed. She knows it is happening and can see her panties and the bed sheets getting wetter but she is helpless to stop it. Her muscles have all gone limp.

    belle is not perturbed at all and simply explains that chloe most be diapered. Chloe protests but she is physically like a wet rag and cannot stop belle fro stripping off her wet panties, wiping, powdering her and putting a nice new disposable on her. Chloe is disgusted and scared and just wants to leave but her legs will not carry her.

    belle half leads, half carries, poor little chloe into her custom built nursery where the real fun begins for belle.
    all the time chloe is helpless and totally under evil belle's control.
    belle dresses her in baby clothes, ****** chloe to suck on a very large pacifier and breast feeds her. Chloe is disgusted at having to put her mouth over her neighbour's nipple and be ****** to *****. Yucch!
    then, chloe wets her diaper! Just like a real baby. Mommy belle has to change her again.

    she had to lift up chloe's limp body to slide the new diaper underneath her bottom. Chloe is still conscious but has no control over her body. When chloe tried to crawl away belle took delight at punishing her by throwing her over her knee for a good, long otk spanking.
    belle was loving being a mommy and mixed formula to feed chloe in her high chair.

    of course chloe spat it out and got it everywhere
    after hours of futile resistance by chloe she was finally exhausted so mommy belle gently removed her cloths and put her in a snug footed ******* then into the cot for the night.. Again.

    Clip Duration:      63 minutes
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    wmv667.89 MB

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    Adult Baby TV - Chloes New Neighbour Ii

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