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    Anal And Deep Throat Fuck

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    CONTESSA CARA German Femdom - Anal And Deep Throat Fuck

    Clip Description

    At first in the white ass, then deep in throat, I ram my shiny strap on, in my little fucking hore! The rack is bounceing under my bizarre riding. I want to see your ass dancing! Deep in your throat, lick it, as far as it will go! Fucking deep throat, contessa cara educates her slave to be a good bitch, until he spitts and ******.

    Clip Duration:      6 minutes
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    CONTESSA CARA German Femdom - Anal And Deep Throat Fuck

    CONTESSA CARA German Femdom - Anal And Deep Throat Fuck

    CONTESSA CARA German Femdom - Anal And Deep Throat Fuck

    CONTESSA CARA German Femdom - Anal And Deep Throat Fuck

    CONTESSA CARA German Femdom - Anal And Deep Throat Fuck

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    Soapy Fisting Bathtub - Contessa caras rubberslave was caught red handed by his mistress in the bathtub.
so, the rubbersluts ass has to be soapy and spring clean. Merciless, the mistress squeezes out half a liter of liquid soap deep inside his vellicating rose. Slippery smacking, her shoulderlength latex-gloves are digging deep down the belly. Nonstop, up to the elbow, the soapy fist piles inside his raunchy, burning ass.

    Strapon Adventures - Mistress contessa cara gives her willing slave a very hard ass-fuck. In preparation to be a good anal slut, his horny cunt has to be ready to receive the mistress` long black strapon. Deep inside, moaning and whimpering, uselessly. It is either do or die! 
mistress, contessa cara, leather, slave, ass fuck, anal slut training, strap on, cock, education.

domina contessa cara unterzieht den willigen sklaven einem richtig harten arschfick. Zur vorbereitung auf seine anal huren ausbildung, wird die geile fotze immer schneller und heftiger von der leder herrin zugeritten. Tief rein in das saftige loch. Stöhnen und jammern, zwecklos!
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    Anal Bitch - At one fell swoop, droped to the rack, i'm gonna stretch this little anal bitch with my long black latex gloves. With one finger after another, I drill his closely virginal hole. Deep inside his delicate, white smacking flesh. This, is just the beginning!

    Heavy Rubber Fisting 2 - Contessa cara throws her compliant fucking slave onto her rubber-bed. Chained by a spreader bar to the pulley, there is noc escape from the mistress’ pervy longings.
and now my rubber-doll, I will rip your ass to maximum! Today, it’s fisting-time !
deeper, more and more powerful, faster and faster, I will hit your smacking asshole by my fists. Are you ready for my whole arm? You get a plenty of it and makes me devilishly fun to see your gashing rotette dancing up and down.

    The Visit 2 - The visit 2 – fuck in the kitchen
so, the slutty slave never used this houshold rubber gloves for cleaning up his kitchen, he has to receive an anal punishment. Mistress contessa cara stretch his horny slippery cunt up to the max and fuck his slave ass with a black rubber strapon on the kitchen table. Contessa cara, mistress, slave, rubbergloves, anal stretching, strapon, ass fucking.

hausbesuch 2 – küchen fick
da der schlampige haussklave die putzhandschuhe offensichtlich noch nie zum putzen benutzt hat, greift seine herrin contessa cara jetzt streng durch. Mit den gelben gummi putzhandschuhen wird seine glitschig gierige fotze weich gefingert. Kurzer hand fickt die herrin die putzschlampe auf einem klapprigen küchentisch kräftig durch. Immer wieder stößt der schwarzer strapon in den sklavenarsch. Das höschen seiner herrin auf dem kopf erleichtert die strafe ein wenig.
contessa cara, herrin, haus sklave, putzhandschuhe, latex outfit, gummihandschuhe, analdehnung, strapon.

    Strapon Extreme 1 - Today, the rubber-slave receives his anal-education by his mistress contessa cara. Warmup with powerful slaps on his rubber-ass. Merciless, again and again paddle and whip bang on his butt. Down to the sling in the dungeon, contessa cara thouroughly stretches the bitch with her black latex-gloves. Prostate massage and pull off balls with whole hand. Now, the horny slut is ready to be fucked by strapon. With powerful crushes, in and out, over and over, the slippery rubber-cock piles the slaves ass.