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    Kinky Clothes
    The Examination Part 4

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Lady Pascal - The Examination Part 4

    Clip Description

    After the success with her "sanity-donor" lady pascal only had to take care, that his head will become free. Armed with her ******-ejaculator-machine, she takes care, that he promised solemnly, never spy again.

    Clip Duration:      10 minutes
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    Additional Thumbnails

    Lady Pascal - The Examination Part 4

    Lady Pascal - The Examination Part 4

    Lady Pascal - The Examination Part 4

    Lady Pascal - The Examination Part 4

    Lady Pascal - The Examination Part 4

    Lady Pascal - The Examination Part 4

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    The Rubber Doll Part 5 - Rubber maids must do a breath-education, so she get among other a rubber-breath-satchel and later she’s plugged at the -vaporiser. 

later, my rubber-doll could say: trained by lady pascal, what amounts to an award. Hosed, connected with my -nebulizer and compelled to take rubberized air through my heavy rubber inhaler. Those are attractiv views for my rubberdoll...

    The Bullwhipapplicant Part 4 - A good slave must be able to take heavy pain for the enjoyment of his mistress. Even she uses her bullwhip. As simply it sounds as simple it is in my world.

i have chained the slave to a strong post and prepares my long bullwhip for his lesson. I starts slow to determine the best position for the most pain. Then I starts the lesson with heavy lashes and and his loud screams motivated me even more

attention: real and hard bullwhipping! Very loud screaming... Not for the faint at heart!

    Painful Milking - I plan to milk one of my pain slaves today. He is bound to a rack and I inserts an electrode into his urethra and wraps the other electrode around his balls. So I can send electric shocks through his cuck whenever I wants.

heave weights on his nipples bring up his cuck in some seconds but he will have no fun today, I send painful impulses through his cuck and everytime his whole body flounces in pain. But I doesn't care about him. My only goal is to perfect my way of a painful milking.

then I uses a massage device on his cuck. No slave can resist! This device makes every man cum! It doesn't take a long time and the slave can not hold back his orgasm. But it whill be a very painful shoot. With the electrode still in his urethra the cum is a very good conductor and makes the electric impulse even more painful...

his orgasm will be his pain and that's the way I sometimes milks a slave! 

complete in english language