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down jackets


female domination


Latex - Bondage - Mask

Latex, rubber, fetish

medical clinic


Pony play



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  • Cbt Canebullwhip
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  • Cbt Canebullwhip
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    Kinky Clothes
    Cbt Canebullwhip 2

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Lady Pascal - Cbt  Canebullwhip  2

    Clip Description

    The next round will be processed in the studio. Strapped on my block, I teach him to love the whip. Some learn it only through the pain. And with reto, this seems to increasingly be the case ... And so it's a must for me, to handle him with different whips and canes-

    Clip Duration:      8 minutes
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    Lady Pascal - Cbt  Canebullwhip  2

    Lady Pascal - Cbt  Canebullwhip  2

    Lady Pascal - Cbt  Canebullwhip  2

    Lady Pascal - Cbt  Canebullwhip  2

    Lady Pascal - Cbt  Canebullwhip  2

    Lady Pascal - Cbt  Canebullwhip  2

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    Hard Whipping 2 - I like it very much, when it's noisy...On the part of the slaves and the instruments of ...

the action becomes even harder then. First I beats my ****** with a very big wooden spoon. What really sounds funny is very painful for the slave. I

i uses then a carpet beater, which remindes perhaps on his own childhood and later a flat rubber shoe sole to prepare his ass for the next cruel instruments.

inbetween the slave is looking, what i'm doing and this is a very bad idea from him, because I know exactly what i'm doing.

when i'm good, i'm good, but when i'm bad, i'm very good. This is, what the slave now has felt by me. Beaten with a jambok, has far helped each impenitent slave to change his mind.

i put on a pair of exclusive leather gloves, before I get's my jambok.

with a heavy sound the cruel whip smashes on the slave's ass. He rears up in pain but the belts hold him down securely. So I can continue my devilish work.

complete in english-language and a must have for the lovers of classic  in a classic dungeon.

    Cbt  Canebullwhip  4 - When I moved to change my clothes for the next round, reto tried to escape.

it's impossible: escape of execution!

what a stupid slave who tried to breakout from my stable. Or was he so much hopelessly? But he should know that there is no chance to escape and so he was caught and catched.

now he is awaiting his punishment and he knows: breakout attempts end up in the maximum penalty! I appear in the hall and my outfit speaks volumes. I wear full leather and stiletto heel overknee boots. In my hand I hold a sjambok and the slave immediately shivers in fear.

there is not much to explain. I start beating the slave with the cruel device and everytime he jumps in pain. This time, I want to make sure that he will never ever think about a breakout. Heavy stroke after stroke will break this slave once and forever...

extreme hard punishment

    The Rubber Doll Part 1 - Rubber pixy is visiting lady pascal. She is anxious to please her, so she exercises busy on her high-heels to walk. Lady pascal picked she, to complete her outfit. A feminin and at once restrictive laced corsage is determined.

    Cbt  Canebullwhip  3 - I complete my work now with a rubber-coated cane. This is much harder, than you think and so reto give nice noices to me. So I know directly, how well my donation arrives to him. So there are also other very sensitive parts of the body, which I treated well, in order that reto will learn!

    The Rubber Doll Part 7 - Now they go to the mask-room, where lady pascal apply a very special armbinder to her. Well-prepared with that armbinder rubber pixy lay down on that big rubber-bed and got special foot-corsages, so that her feet once already customise to the transforming. 

once again rubber pixy lies helpless on that rubber-bed, with ordinary wide spreaded legs...Every nasty access is now possible...

    The Rubber Doll Part 8 - Armed with a special-machine, in an absolute defenceless position, rubber pixy will be under constraint deliver her liquid. A ****** milking with that special machine, where is no way out.