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Pin Up Pleasure - Rockabilly Por

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    Kinky Clothes
    Slave Punishment Work

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Lady Vampira - Slave Punishment Work

    Clip Description

    At a hot summer day, the slave put in chains performs watches its punishment work during the lady and gives directions. With dust dry throats, the prisoner begs after water, but the goddess has nothing as would spit for its slavemouth remaining...

    Clip Duration:      7 minutes
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    wmv229.79 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Lady Vampira - Slave Punishment Work

    Lady Vampira - Slave Punishment Work

    Lady Vampira - Slave Punishment Work

    Lady Vampira - Slave Punishment Work

    Lady Vampira - Slave Punishment Work

    Lady Vampira - Slave Punishment Work

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