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Pin Up Pleasure - Rockabilly Por

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    Kinky Clothes
    Disgust Training

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    Lady Vampira - Disgust Training

    Clip Description

    The slave gets bound a terribly stink gym shoe before nose and mouth and must smell! After that it must would spit ***** our gathered out of the glass!

    Clip Duration:      8 minutes
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    wmv114.13 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Lady Vampira - Disgust Training

    Lady Vampira - Disgust Training

    Lady Vampira - Disgust Training

    Lady Vampira - Disgust Training

    Lady Vampira - Disgust Training

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    Female Loser - Bei der weiteren feminisierung von tv "sonnenschein" wissen miss moore und lady vampira bald nicht mehr ob sie lachen oder bestrafen sollen! Als transe zu blöd zum blasen, und das bei so einem schönen dicken schwanz! Dann muss der sklave eben die gummipuppe ficken und sich mit dem dildo im arsch befriedigen lassen... / In the further feminisation of tv "sunshine", miss moore and lady vampira will know soon no longer whether they should laugh or punish!  When tranny blow too stupidly to that, and that in such a quite thick tail!  Then the slave must fuck just the rubber doll and satisfy let itself with the dildo in the ass...