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    Kinky Clothes
    Little Red Ruby Hood In The Latex Sack

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    D K Bondage - Little Red Ruby Hood In The Latex Sack

    Clip Description

    Little red ruby hood is dressed in a brand new made-to-measure latex catsuit that fits her like a glove. A rubber hood with pony tail completes her outfit.

    in this clip she slides into a latex sack that is zipped closed, forming an airtight bag. Leather straps are tied along the length of the sack and we get to watch ruby struggle in her bondage. Ruby becomes dizzy after a few minutes and the session is cut short.

    we are sure that ruby will soon be back to recover her reputation as an escape artist!

    Clip Duration:      8 minutes
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    mp497.29 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    D K Bondage - Little Red Ruby Hood In The Latex Sack

    D K Bondage - Little Red Ruby Hood In The Latex Sack

    D K Bondage - Little Red Ruby Hood In The Latex Sack

    D K Bondage - Little Red Ruby Hood In The Latex Sack

    D K Bondage - Little Red Ruby Hood In The Latex Sack

    D K Bondage - Little Red Ruby Hood In The Latex Sack

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    Little Red Ruby Hood In Rubber Snout Hood And Steel Cage - Little red ruby hood is wearing a brand-new, made-to-measure latex catsuit fitted with steel ankle and wrist cuffs.  She is encouraged to wear a rubber snout hood, held tightly in place with a clear plastic collar and enters a steel dog transport cage.

once in the cage wooden broom handles are used to keep her limbs in position and her ankles and wrists are clipped to the walls of the steel cage with plastic restraints.

watch as ruby struggles to free herself.

a short bonus clip shows ruby being introduced to the rubber snout hood.

    Celia In Rubber Armbinder And Full Rubber Hood - Celia is dressed in rubber catsuit, rubber armbinder, and a double-layer full rubber hood.  She struggles hard to escape but is unable to get out of the armbinder.
soon she has more to worry about as the top layer of the hood is zipped closed over her face.  A nose clip is added.
later still she is placed in a hogtie where her head is pulled back and tied to her ankles.

there is no escape for celia!

    Celia In Full Heavy Rubber And Steel Cuffs - Celia is dressed in a full heavy rubber catsuit including a full-face, nostril-only rubber hood.

Steel ankle and wrist cuffs are added.

Celia is flipped on to her belly and her ankles are clipped to wrists using plastic clips.

A leather quirt is applied to her breasts, belly, thighs and head.  The quirt is small but packs a serious sting.

The whipping is followed by a period of tickling, finishing off with her nose being pinched.  Struggling gets her nowhere!

    Alais In Rubber Dress And Steel Bondage - Alais is dressed in a simon o rubber mini dress with attached gloves and hood.

she is wearing a stainless steel collar and matching wrist and ankle cuffs.  A steel spreader bar (24") is attached to each ankle cuff and a shorter bar (6") to her wrists.  Rear-laced thigh boots cover her legs and her outfit is topped off with a leather blindfold and a pink ball gag.

this clips starts with alais sitting on the bed, trying to find the keys that will release the padlocks locking each of her cuffs.  Later in the clip she is turned on to her belly and a complex steel hogtie links each cuff to a central locking mechanism.

watch as alais's frustration builds as she struggles to release herself from her bondage.

and no - she isn't wearing any rubber panties!