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    Kinky Clothes
    Myzerays First Caning

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Master Fredericks Den - Myzerays First Caning

    Clip Description

    Myzeray gets a wonderfully rough treatment here. Flogging, paddling, steel riding crop and caning with a full-sized walking cane... As well as sensation treatment with rubbing alcohol and hand-fucking her as a reward for being such a well-behaved painslut.

    Clip Duration:      20 minutes
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    Master Fredericks Den - Myzerays First Caning

    Master Fredericks Den - Myzerays First Caning

    Master Fredericks Den - Myzerays First Caning

    Master Fredericks Den - Myzerays First Caning

    Master Fredericks Den - Myzerays First Caning

    Master Fredericks Den - Myzerays First Caning

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    Myzeray The Object Of My Affection - Myzeray is turned into an end table and ottoman while I have a cigarette out on the patio of our hotel room. I make her balance my ashtray on her ass and put my feet up on her shoulders while she waits on all fours for me to smoke, dressed only in her shackles, collar, ballet splints and a pair of opera gloves! As a reward for her obedience I reach around from behind and finger her pussy before sending her back inside to get me a beer. She brings it to me in her mouth... And then comes dinner time, and she's been turned into a candelabra! She's bound with her knees bent and apart, lying on her back, with one candle in each hand, one in her mouth and one tied into her pussy! She holds this position while I eat my meal, then I eat her pussy and fuck her right there on the table. I spin her on the table and fuck her mouth as she gags on my load.

    Myzeray Brat Session - As a submissive, myzeray is to obey my orders at all times. Sometimes though, she gets uppity. This session is the result of one of those times. I introduce her to a new electrostimulator, and use it on her pussy and her tits before making her straddle a suspended bar for some pussy punishment. I also clamp her nipples with the chain around a pole in front of her, and tie her hair to the pole behind her, putting poor myzeray in a very painful position for even more pussy punishment...

    Myzeray  Fireplay Fuck Part 2 Talons - I have to give myzeray's skin time to cool down before we get on to the good stuff, but that doesn't mean I let her rest... I take out some of my favorite toys: 3 full-hand sets of sharp stainless steel talons. I start with the gentlest variety and ramp it up from there. I was going to cut this out of the session, but she squirms and moans in such delight that I just had to leave it in!

    Two On One Bdsm Threesome - Lorelai and I both have at myzeray in this one... You're guaranteed to find this one extremely hot! We have myzeray suspended with her legs spread wide open and completely restrained, and lorelai starts things off by eating her delicious little pussy! I take a paddle to her ass as she eats her, then	 come around and play on lorelai's back with a whartenberg wheel (so prickly and fun!!!), And she sucks my cock. Lorelai moves aside so I can take myzeray for myself, and I fuck her while she ***** swinging in midair!!! We marvel for a moment or two at the huge wet spot myzeray has rained down on the mattress, and then it's lorelai's turn with her again. She goes down on her once more, tasting her delicious juices, and I fuck lorelai from behind, forcing lorelai's face into myzeray's pussy with each thrust. I pull out and move around behind myzeray so I can fuck her mouth good and deep, and lorelai and I get to feel her go lightheaded and dizzy from thrusts so deep she can barely get her breath! Finally, I come back around and fuck lorelai good and hard, and fill her hole with my cum as myzeray begs for each orgasm she gets!!!

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    Myzeray 588 Lashes - I decide to celebrate myzeray's birthday with her... And what better way than spankings! I beat her ass tender and sore and red with 21 implements, to include four different floggers, three different paddles, three different whips and 2 different types of cane and hook-pointed steel claws! 21x28=588 (yes, that's right, five hundred eighty-eight) lashes, swats and strikes to myzeray's poor ass!!!

    Lorelai Brat Session - Ok, so lorelai's a brat from time to time... And I like to remind her that she should be a good ****. She gets her first ever experience with electrical play in this video, coupled with one of my old favorites-- breast bondage. I tease her nerves with a knife and a wartenberg wheel, all the while shocking her nipples with an electrostimulator. Next she's made to kneel and gobble my cock with her hands tied and her tits electrified. I follow this treatment with fucking her up the ass in her first ever anal video. This all finished up with me fucking her missionary, while her bound tits are punished even further by being pulled up with rope.