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    Lorelai My Turn Femdom

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    Master Fredericks Den - Lorelai  My Turn Femdom

    Clip Description

    Lorelai is normally a submissive, and I as her master generally enjoy being sadistic and beating the hell out of her... But this time it's her turn. I get into a "gates of hell," shackled up, and beaten with three different floggers, two paddles, a dragon's tail, spanked with lorelai's small, stingy hands. She traces all all over my body with a wartenberg wheel, and sucks my cock (did I mention that a gates of hell makes an erection painful?), Then get set up to get my balls shocked. Next, I get turned around and a butt-plug shoved up my ass, spanked some more, and then she tortures my nerves with a blowjob with the plug still in. She makes me eat her pussy and then fuck her as a finale, and I blow it all over her belly and chest.

    Clip Duration:      37 minutes
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    wmv611.8 MB

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    Master Fredericks Den - Lorelai  My Turn Femdom

    Master Fredericks Den - Lorelai  My Turn Femdom

    Master Fredericks Den - Lorelai  My Turn Femdom

    Master Fredericks Den - Lorelai  My Turn Femdom

    Master Fredericks Den - Lorelai  My Turn Femdom

    Master Fredericks Den - Lorelai  My Turn Femdom

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    Myzeray  Obedient Slave Bitch Full Version - All 4 parts of myzeray's "obedient slave bitch" series in one clip at a $41.00 reduced price!!! 

part 1: 

i have dictated that myzeray is to be a good little slave bitch this day. Her good behavior will determine how cruel my touch shall be. I have her dressed in a black bra, black opera gloves and a black micro-miniskirt... She rests her head on my crotch, and is instructed to take my cock out of my jeans and permitted to rest her cheek on it... I then instruct her to lick it. I order her to beg to suck my cock, which she does like the obedient slave bitch she is. I permit her, and then instruct her to use my hard cock to stroke her clit and get herself off as a reward. After she cums, I ash myzeray what she is to me. She misses a few answers, and gets her tits squeezed and slapped hard for making me remind her.

part 2:

i order myzeray into a chair, tie her tits good and tight and cuff her hands behind her back... And the tit beatings begin! Flogging on her purple, tied titties and inner thighs, followed by a new toy- a horsehair flogger... Those things sting. They feel like little razors each time they hit. Then I break out another new toy: a very sharp-pointed sword, which I use to drag across myzeray's tormented tits and to spank her inner thighs. Then comes the final treatment... Rubbing alcohol on her already sore and stingy tits and thighs. The burning sensation makes her cum.

part 3:

myzeray is ordered to keep her head on the couch while I whip her with a horsehair flogger and spank her ass with a specially made sword. I play on her skin with its sharp point, and then make her straddle the blade... While I use it to stroke her clit till she cums.

part 4:

now we get to the good stuff... I get truly evil in this clip- I break out yet another new toy: a black steel anal hook. I shove it up myzeray's ass and tie it in place with a body harness, using the excess to bind her tits. I finger her clit and then have her go get her vibrators from her bedroom and fuck her throat deep while she fucks herself on the couch. I then fuck her mouth hard, holding it in deep so she can't breathe, making her ch*ke as she kneels before me and finally I fuck her doggystyle with the hook still buried in her ass, shooting my cum over her ass at the end!

    Myzeray Dancing For The Master - Mid-session, myzeray shows her appreciation for her master's attentions by performing an erotic dance around me. Rather sexy, I must say.

    Dawni Three Methods Shibari Tortoise Harness Tutorial - Dawni assists me in another tutorial demonstrating how to tie a shibari "tortoise," or "diamond" harness. We begin with the traditional tortoise and move on to a version that allows penetration, and finish up with a version with minimal knots that allows the submissive to lay comfortably on flat surfaces. We then move on to an applied knowledge section, demonstrating two of the nearly unlimited uses for this versatile harness, and afterward, dawni undergoes a steamy experience with fur and feathers, as much as her nerves can handle...

    Myzeray Tits Tied To The Table And Fucked - Tits tied to the table and fucked
i tie myzeray's tits down to a tv tray with rope and breast bars... I take a few pictures, then the real fun begins! She sucks my cock while anchored down and then I fuck her from behind as she tries to keep the table from rocking, making her poor tits hurt like hell... And blow my load all over her ass and back.

multiple angles and consistent audio!

    Myzeray Beaten To Tears - I manhandle myzeray in this clip, hoisting her off the ground by her tits with my bare hands and binding her up in a spreader bar so I can beat the bitch til she cries.

    Myzeray Baby Oil Pleasure Massage - I decide to be kind for a change, and treat myzeray to a baby oil full body pleasure massage. I rub oil on her tits, arms, belly, legs and pussy, paying special attention to her clit. I finger her to orgasm and she sucks my cock before I roll her over to get her back oiled up as well as her pussy and asshole fingered.

    Myzeray Denied Threesome - Myzeray has been a bit of a brat lately, so I have her handcuffed and waist chained at the foot of the bed. I order her to help us along as we have our fun, and you get to see some nice up close views of her eating lorelai's pussy and sucking my cock. Then I fucks lorelai's brains out and myzeray gets some teasing, but when it comes to her getting in on the action, she is denied. At the end, I order her to clean us off... Did I mention she is still chained?

    Two On One Bdsm Threesome - Lorelai and I both have at myzeray in this one... You're guaranteed to find this one extremely hot! We have myzeray suspended with her legs spread wide open and completely restrained, and lorelai starts things off by eating her delicious little pussy! I take a paddle to her ass as she eats her, then	 come around and play on lorelai's back with a whartenberg wheel (so prickly and fun!!!), And she sucks my cock. Lorelai moves aside so I can take myzeray for myself, and I fuck her while she ***** swinging in midair!!! We marvel for a moment or two at the huge wet spot myzeray has rained down on the mattress, and then it's lorelai's turn with her again. She goes down on her once more, tasting her delicious juices, and I fuck lorelai from behind, forcing lorelai's face into myzeray's pussy with each thrust. I pull out and move around behind myzeray so I can fuck her mouth good and deep, and lorelai and I get to feel her go lightheaded and dizzy from thrusts so deep she can barely get her breath! Finally, I come back around and fuck lorelai good and hard, and fill her hole with my cum as myzeray begs for each orgasm she gets!!!

    Myzeray  Suspension And Electro - Myzeray is a newly acquired slave of mine. She still needs training in so many things, like suspension and electical play... So this is her first class on both!