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    Kinky Clothes
    Fire On Tits

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Master Fredericks Den - Fire On Tits

    Clip Description

    Watch as the flames snake up and down this lovely torso... Set to tribal drums for just the right mood.

    Clip Duration:      2 minutes
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    Master Fredericks Den - Fire On Tits

    Master Fredericks Den - Fire On Tits

    Master Fredericks Den - Fire On Tits

    Master Fredericks Den - Fire On Tits

    Master Fredericks Den - Fire On Tits

    Master Fredericks Den - Fire On Tits

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myzeray's second "full service" fireplay video is one you'll be sorry you missed! It starts out with her being introduced to something completely new-- fire cupping, in which special glass cups are attached to the skin like suction cups, heightening the sensitivity of the skin around them as the fire races across her exposed skin. From the sounds she makes, it's clear she wholeheartedly approves of this new experience. Next, it's on to fire flogging on her back, followed by cupping and torchplay on the front of her body! On to more flogging, this time on her sensitive tits! Then I fuck her doggystyle while spanking her skin with the torch and when this is not quite enough for me, I grab her by the throat and squeeze as I fuck her, pulling her back into me so hard she ends up almost kneeling straight up as I thrust!!! When she has weakened enough, I lay her down on her belly and spank her first with a belt, then with my hook-pointed steel talons, til her ass is good and delicious. Suffice to say it's only a matter of time before I can't resist finishing up, fucking her as she lays there until I cum inside her!

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    Myzeray  Fireplay Fuck Complete - Myzeray is a true masochist and painslut. This is her first "full service" fireplay scene, in its entirety. Starting with transfers, I paint designs all over her skin, and move on tio spanking her with the torch! She rolls over and gets the "hail mary"-- a flaming cross drawn from nipple to nipple, neck to pussy lips! And of course, myzeray being the pain slut that she is, gives you a wonderful reaction to behold! Next, I get her off twice by beating her with a flaming flogger! Once on her back and ass, once on her chest and tits! I have to give myzeray's skin time to cool down before we get on to the good stuff, but that doesn't mean I let her rest... I take out some of my favorite toys: 3 full-hand sets of sharp stainless steel talons. I start with the gentlest variety and ramp it up from there. Then we get to the good stuff : she starts off giving me a blowjob, and I set her back on fire, as well as spank her with the lit torch. This is followed by more fire on her back, hips and ass as I fuck her doggystyle, then it's on her back for more fucking and fire, to include a cross of flames drawn from nipple to nipple, collar to navel! The best way to describe this clip is "hot..." no pun intended.

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    Meet Nothyng Part 3 - Due to content restrictions parts 1, 2, 4 and 5 will only be available on my bpclips store, http://****bpclips****/0000694/.

nothyng's first time in the den continues with some new experiences. The is put into a ring gag, and gets a tens vaginal insertion electrode shoved into her cunt. I turn the device on and the pain drives her insane as I make her lick my cock and then fuck her mouth through the ring. I tie her arms and tits nice and tight before trailing my sharp stainless steel talons over her body.